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sonarus4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

i know i will get a ton of disagrees but here is my review for halo. Quite frankly that game is nothing but an 8. I fell into the hype for this game even though i never finished halo 1 or 2. I started both but never finished. Halo simply never gripped me as a spectacular game. I am more for realism and the whole futuristic weapons and all dat aint my thing. The graphics do look a lot better than i previously thought and it is a definite improvement from halo 2 however its still mediocre in my opinion. Ligthing effects are pretty nice but all in all the game is simply mediocre 2 me. I just put it down and don't think i will be playing it again till i get really really bored. I honestly don't see what it is about halo that makes it so great. The only thing i see with potential is the forge the online is lame to me. Once again not a fan of multiplayer shooters except for warhawk and thats only limited to capture the flag for me.

In conclusion if you are a halo fan you will love halo cause i dnt see anything different between halo 2 and 3 but if your like me and never got the big deal behind halo i doubt u'll get it this time.

I would really like for someone to explain to me what was so special about this game.

darthv724070d ago

I have not picked up my copy yet but I can say that from what I read it will be satisfying for me. I prefer a story driven experience than a graphical one. It took me some time to finish Halo 1 and 2 and I am still plugging along in GEOW. The thing for me is time. I have 3 kids and don't get much play time anymore. I try every other night but I just dont have the resources to put into it like I did. Which is why I find myself playing more Uno over live than Halo 2 or GEOW.

I will get my copy of H3 and play through it but not dedicated like those that can do it in 10 hours or less. To me that just isn't satisfying. I have read many an article proclaiming the Halo series to be liken to the Star Wars trilogy (original) and can say to that there are some similarities. Mostly on purpose. You have your first release which does nothing more than wet the appetite for the sequel. You then have your climactic second release with a cliff hangar ending. Tie the first two together with a proper finale and you have a really good story overall.

That is what I like.

sonarus4070d ago

I personally prefer gears of war. If i could lean on cover that would have made this game so much better for me. Once again i am not a big fan of first person shooters. I like to shoot as much as the next guy but after you have played so many fps its basically the same deal all the time

dachiefsman4070d ago

played it for about 8 hours then had to go back to work..... this is my assessment. Enjoy!

I have played both Halo and Halo 2. This game is the final piece to an epic trilogy. The graphics and flow of the game are spectacular. The load times in the game are few and far between the action. The player may have to wait at times, but it is not more than two minutes. The new additional vehicles and weapons compliment the game completely. When the chopper is mastered, one will be able to tear through vehicles with reckless abandon. The brute hammer is by far the coolest weapon added to the game. Watching covenant fly across the screen when the hammer comes down never gets old. While the game has been superb so far<at mission 8 out 10>, the disappoint is the flash effect from Cortana throughout parts of the game. In level seven alone, she flash back appears at least ten times. The point is taken in regards to her and the plot. The multiplayer is like Halo 2 refined, repolished with barrels of kickass. One cannot forget the ability to record and create your own maps.

The folks at Bungie took Halo 3 to a new level. If you a fan of the FPS genre or Halo, you need to take the rest of the week off, grab some soda or beer, and getting ready to be amazed. 5/5 easily!!

oaktown234070d ago

you guys brag about this game like this is the best game you have played before I haved played halo before but damn you guys are all up in the hype from the tv ad's to soda ad's to going to gamestop and seening the big ass poster and saying o yea halo is coming I look at it and say so what it's halo like I give a crap I dont a game is a game and that is it and for some people to give a x-box 360 game like that a 10 is just cazy in the head.

huck6154069d ago

I just picked up my copy three hours ago the most exicting game i ever played ex