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Submitted by mtorino 1817d ago | opinion piece

A Little on the Arrogance of PC Gamers

The gaming media has been declaring PC gaming dying for the last decade ever since the advent of the PS2/Xbox generation. They declared that the computers couldn't possibly keep up. But the machines have raged on, arguably having as good graphics as the consoles. But those aren't the games that PC gamers play which is strange in and of itself. But when you combine this genre of games with the persevering against all odds machine and the sort of people that play them, you get a lethal combination. (2K Sports, PC, Tag Invalid)

Pandamobile  +   1818d ago
Wow, I haven't read something so retarded in a while. Thanks for the laugh, whoever wrote that.
Kon  +   1817d ago
Thanks, i will not read this
zootang  +   1817d ago
What you boys fail to mention is how long you have to wait for some titles.

PC only gamers never got to play Red Dead Redemption the biggest game of last year. Games like GTA4 and Assassins Creed you have to wait months for.

Then there is games you can't even play;
Halo Reach
Heavy Rain
Alan Wake
Little Big Planet
Gran Turismo 5 ect.
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ugabugaz  +   1817d ago
So I can't have an awesome gaming PC and a PS3?'re just as stupid.

Edit: Guess what a decent PC can do as well. Emulate old consoles and let you play games at high resolution and with lots of AA!

Edit 2: Before I got my PS3, I only had a PC, So I think I understand the supposed "mentally" of PC-only owners. Also, I didn't name call, I just said you were stupid.
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plb  +   1817d ago
That's why I always say PC/PS3 is the best gaming combo to have ;) I get UC, Heavy Rain, GT5, LBP, etc plus the likes of great PC titles like SC2, Witcher 2, and upcoming Diablo 3
zootang  +   1817d ago

Perfect! Have both or all. I just stated that I don't understand the mentality of PC only owners. No need for calling me stupid, you muppet lol.


Better? Shame he had to go there.
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BlackTar187  +   1817d ago
Didnt name call just said you were stupid?
DeathMetal1474  +   1817d ago
With the exception of Uncharted
Most of that list is average at best. And you can't play The Old Republic,Guild Wars 2, The Witcher 2, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 (or any RTS for that matter),Shogun 2,WOW,any of the Stalker games, the first 2 Crysis games, the real version of BF3 ect. And I'll glady wait months for GTA4 to get hi res textures, draw distances and car densities 5 times higher than the consoles. Oh yeah and actual HD resolutions.
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kaveti6616  +   1817d ago
"Also, I didn't name call, I just said you were stupid."

ahahah eh
ugabugaz  +   1817d ago
Agree, this dude is a moron.
Motion  +   1817d ago
Lol, yup. "arguably having as good graphics as the consoles"
Saw that and decided to stay away.
arjman  +   1817d ago
LOL maybe this guy is running onlive on a netbook and is basing his opinion on that
tacosRcool  +   1817d ago
What an anti PC article. Us PC gamers always get the short end of the stick anyways. Without the innovation of major hardware manufacturers pushing bigger, faster, and better parts, there would be no PC gaming NOR console gaming. Without PC gaming, console gaming would have the current consoles forever
distorted_reality  +   1818d ago
"arguably having as good graphics as the consoles"


PLEASE tell me that this article wasn't serious. I don't have enough time to rip it to shreds right now (even though I really, REALLY want to).
Tachyon_Nova  +   1818d ago
Yeah I lolled for about 5 minutes after I read that, still having a bit of a chuckle to be honest. As for the rest of the article most of it doesnt make sense, and what does is still laughably ignorant.
negroguy  +   1817d ago
"arguably having as good graphics as the consoles"

Haha ty for pointing that line out so now I wont even proceed to read the article. I dont even have a powerful gaming PC but that line made me laugh for some reason.
Shackdaddy836  +   1818d ago
I had to stop at the 3rd paragraph. The amount of stupidity in this article is ridiculous. Did the writer try to troll or something?

I have never seen so much "arrogance" come out of one person...
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Geralt  +   1818d ago
I think it's a joke guys.
mtorino  +   1818d ago
I wrote it. It's not a joke. It's genuinely how I feel. It's just blatant arrogance from the PC side
Thrillhouse  +   1818d ago
And blatant ignorance on your side.
Shackdaddy836  +   1818d ago
Enormous arrogance on your side... It sounds like an enormous troll post from a guy who doesn't know what hes talking about.
distorted_reality  +   1817d ago
Honestly can not believe that someone can be that stupid.

Oh wait, you only play sports games. No wonder you've got no clue.
ugabugaz  +   1817d ago
I am sorry, but you need to be offended. Seriously, look at what you wrote. What you might be describing is perhaps 1% of the PC Gaming Community. I'm going to speak for myself, but pretty much all of my 70 PS3 friends game on PC as well, and I'm not alone in that regard. This paragraph in particular strikes me as pure hate, perhaps you're like that, no?

"They essentially become militant when you accuse their titles of being the nerd genre (which is true whether you accept it or not). There aren't any cool people who play Starcraft for example. They all major in biology or computer science when they're in college (nerds) or just sit at home all day and get fat. They read science fiction and worship Isaac Asimov. These people see no subtlety and need everything thrown directly at them. The rest of us, albeit not all, who play other genres can see shades of gray"

I'm sorry but you're fucking retarded when it comes to having a clue about PC Gaming. You've made no valid points whatsoever, just hate, hate and more hate.
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TomSawyer187  +   1817d ago
Maybe I should write an article about how ALL consol players are retarded frat boy meat heads who only play Halo or COD...

hoops  +   1817d ago
This has to be hands down the WORST article ever on N4G.COM...
And that's saying a lot.
You truly surpassed retarded into a entire new realm.

"There aren't any cool people who play Starcraft for example. They all major in biology or computer science when they're in college (nerds) or just sit at home all day and get fat. They read science fiction and worship Isaac Asimov"

LOL. Wow. You truly need mental help mtorino. Put that crack pipe DOWN!!!

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Letros  +   1818d ago
Does he not see the hypocrisy? Where do these people come from trying to be writers?
distorted_reality  +   1817d ago
Not a joke? Oh well, here I go -
"arguably having as good graphics as the consoles."

It's not up for debate. The best looking PC games look WAY better than the best looking console games. KZ, UC etc look great, but can't hold a candle to Crysis, Metro, hell, even SC2. You'll note that 2 of those 3 games are FPS.

"Half-Life 2 which later came out for consoles in the form of the very successful Orange Box which contained more content than the PC version."

The Orange Box on PS3 was an abomination, Valve themselves said so. It did not contain more content at all - it was the same across all three platforms. The 360 version was moderately successful, but again was not even close to sales of the PC version.

"2K Share in sports games that allow for immediate downloads of "mods" for sports games for example, that gap has essentially closed."

If you think different rosters in sports games can be classed as a "mod" then you have even less idea of what you're talking about than I thought. That would be like me saying the create a player feature in sports games is a mod.

On your point about patches - patches have always been the bane of the gaming industry, that necessary but sometimes annoying as hell part. The fact that console games now have zero day patches is hardly something to crow about.

"So what's left? A niche that's what. They just have real time strategy games. That's it."

You forgot the biggest library of games of any platform, the biggest range of games on any platform, the most diverse range of games on any platform, the most played games of all time on any platform, etc etc.

Not to mention just about every multi-plat game is better on PC than any other platform.

"People who play PC games have basically walled themselves off from any other kinds of games, deeming them as inferior and only sticking to titles that are made exclusively for that format like World of Warcraft and Starcraft."

Wrong. Check out the Steam Stats - CoD is one of the most played games on Steam. It's a multiplat, and, SHOCK HORROR, an FPS.

"Unfortunately, these games aren't exactly the most up to date versions of the industry and technology out there. "

So you're saying that console games are the pinnacle of technological and mainstream success? Lol. Going back to my first point, the greatest technological breakthroughs in gaming comes from the PC, both from a graphics and gameplay standard.

As for mainstream success - more households have computers in them than consoles.

"That's why games like Madden and Call of Duty and Halo are so popular: non-stop action. PC games are the exact opposite. "

You've obviously never played a competitive RTS, like SC2, DoW2 etc. Let alone the fact that the best competitive shooters are on PC. Twitch shooters were born on PC, and continue to flourish now.

I would take it a step further and say that an NFL game can hardly be called non-stop action due to the inherent stop-start action of the game itself, but that would be cruel.
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distorted_reality  +   1817d ago | Well said
Stupid character limit.
"Not exactly the most exciting for the casual gamer there."

Now we're talking casual games? Ever heard of Popcap? Hell, ever heard of farmville?

"Which makes it almost painful when they claim that their brand of games is the most popular out there."

I don't think anybody actually does that - the only time a PC gamer will say something like is when a console gamer makes the assumption that X game is better on consoles than it is on PC. The PC user will then educate the console gamer as to why the PC version is better.

On your blurb about sales - the highest selling game on the PS2 was San Andreas. It is still being played via a multiplayer mod on PC today. The highest selling game on PS3 is GT5, the highest on the 360 is Halo 3. WoW has almost as many subscribers as the two combined.

"there are no successful strategy games on consoles save Halo Wars and even that's debatable"

Did you ever wonder why? And no, it's not because "omg console players need non-stop action". Hell, if that was the case, you wouldn't be able to give away a Final Fantasy game, let alone MGS4.

"There aren't any cool people who play Starcraft for example."

Lol wtf?

"...or just sit at home all day and get fat"

Funny. Look what I saw in your writers profile - "All in all I have a lot of free time on my hands and use it to play all these sports game to my heart’s content".

"These people see no subtlety and need everything thrown directly at them."

Wasn't it you who just a minute ago said that the problem with PC games is that they aren't non-stop action?

"PC gamers, I have a message for you: Your genre hasn't died because of mods, patches and exclusive genres, not because they're better."

PC gaming isn't a genre you moron. PC gaming is nowhere near dying, it's actually on the way up, with Steam sales and user numbers going up every year.

"Your games don't reach far and remain within their niches in Korea and Japan and nerddom in the U.S."


"Maybe this can be construed as arrogance from the non-PC side, but I've got evidence and trends on my side. "

I failed to see any evidence other than your own half-assed, nonsensical ramblings that contradict themselves constantly. The fact is, you're a moron, and that is about all that can be gleaned from this article.

"You've got League of Legends. I win."

No, we've got backwards compatibility, ever evolving hardware, the best versions of multiplat games, emulation of consoles, and an OS provider that doesn't tie a halter around our neck.

I think you lose.
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Apollyn  +   1817d ago

And very politely written I shall attempt to do one similar later however I seriously doubt it will be polite as I am an "arrogant PC gamer"
Shadow Flare  +   1817d ago
lol you really went for the jugular man. I'll give you a bubble for that. Well said. I'll be honest, I don't game on pc at all, and my sole experience of pc gamers are from what I hear and pc gamers I've seen on n4g. And the guys on n4g do often come across as arrogant pigs who demand that their almighty pc is infintely more superior then teh lowly pathetic console. And I find that very arrogant. And forgive me but I also do have the, I'll say, misconception that most pc gamers are just into mmorpg's and fps. However the guy who wrote this article is such a retard and thank you for completely owning him. I have my own conceptions of pc gamers but at no point to a put them all in that category because there's millions and millions of pc gamers out there, all of them are different. I think a lot of pc gamers are certainly more (excuse me) geeky then console gamers because they have to know about upgrading, graphics card specs and all that crap. They're more tech knowledgeable (could be seen as nerdy) then console gamers cos an average console gamer buys the console, pops the disc in, done. PC gamers seem to be far more....involved in their tech. Whatever, it's beside the point, I really do think the writer put his point across in an arrogant and ignorant manner. Rather retarded indeed. But to you, well done sir
plb  +   1817d ago
FYI Counterstrike is the most played game on Steam :)

I have both Black Ops and MW2 on Steam and when MW2 came out, it was the most popular for just about ever. Now that Black Ops came out all COD's have dropped down in most played. MW2 is right behind Blops by just a couple thousand players.

OT, I've gamed on both PC and consoles since the late 80's and enjoy both. Personally I do feel PC gaming is dying in certain genres but growing in others. FPS for instance is mainly played on consoles these days while RTS/MMO on PC. I have every Blizzard game and there are huge numbers online 1 million+ on last time I popped on SC2 and WoW speaks for itself with 12+ million subscribers. That said, FPS seems a very small fragment now. CS is most played on Steam with a peak of 70,000 users per day. Black Ops usually has a peak around 40,000 a day while consoles have 1 million+ playing COD at any given time. If you are a true gamer I think it's best to have both PC/Console else you are missing out on some great games.
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distorted_reality  +   1817d ago
That's why I said "one of" :P

I think you'll find that number starting to change with some of the great FPS games that are coming out this year. When you look at it, the only hugely played FPS games released over the last year or two have been CoD games, with the exception of BFBC2, which wasn't as good as people were hoping, and the LFD series, which had the community split in half by Valve.

When you look at BF3, not to mention the other killer shooters coming out, you have a highly popular franchise, running an extremely competitive and addictive multiplayer, and it is being completely gimped on consoles.

PC FPS gaming is hardly dying - we've just been waiting for something other than CoD. This is the year we will get that, and BF3 will be one of the highest selling games of the year on PC.

@ Tommykrem -

The whole thing is, console owners tend to harp on about exclusives as if they're the second coming. Most PC gamers don't care, generally for 2 reasons, the first being that multiplat titles are almost always better on PC's, and the second being we generally have at least one console as well, and don't feel the need to tie ourselves down to one platform to satisfy some sort of useless fanboy urge.

And, sorry to disagree again, but graphics ARE better on PC from a technical standpoint. Art direction is a completely different thing, and totally up to each individual user, but all platforms have their stunners from that point of view.
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hoops  +   1817d ago
Bubbles dude. You summed this up perfectly.
MarioWarfare  +   1817d ago
lol the guy who wrote this could be a professional troll, Keep up the good work and thanks for the laugh
Tommykrem  +   1817d ago
It's sort of true. The only games PC get, which consoles doesn't also get do in fact not demand anything more than a semi-powerful lap-top. Because they are made by small independent developers with smallers budgets. (or sometimes they're just old, like CS and WoW) Any big production game these days are likely to wound up on console, and if it ends up on PC then it's 98,5% likely to also be released on console. Graphics difference? Not that big, really if you've ever tried to put the PC image on a big screen, which is my prefered way of playing. Having some distance to a large screen.

Oh, and sometimes I wonder if you PC gamers actually know the meaning of having a good TV. LittleBigPlanet (yes, the first LittleBigPlanet) is one of the prettiest games around if have a really good TV. If you have a semi good TV (could just as well be 1080p) it doesn't neccesarily look good at all.
#8 (Edited 1817d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Triggs  +   1817d ago
I am sorry buddy, but I disagree on one of your statements.

I own Black Ops on both the PC and PS3 (on a 55" LCD Samsung HDTV).

I can testify that the PS3 version will look jagged, blurry, and less detailed compared to the PC version if looked at the same TV using a DVI cable at 1920x1080 (that's the same as 1080p with TV jargon) resolution/8x Anti-Aliasing. The PC rendering is nothing short of "WOW". I have not even tried the recently added 16x Anti Aliasing on the PC version.

At the moment, I have not gamed on the PC for a week because I discovered how good Uncharted 1 and 2 are.
#8.1 (Edited 1817d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Tommykrem  +   1817d ago
No, I sort of agree that a lot of games look better on PC than on console (not that I think Black OPS look that good on any platform anyway), but many of the best looking games this generation are in fact exclusive to console. So my point was simply to ask what PC gamers have left? They are hardly able to play the graphics card. They definetly don't get as many AAA games, and there are more genres that are basically non-existant on PC, than there are at console (I am aware of RTS games)

However, if someone likes playing with a keyboard and mouse better, and like mods and PC in general then I'm not going to stop anyone from playing the PC. Every platform choice can be justified easily this generation, but what I'm tired of is the arrogance of some PC users when they say that PC gets wastly superior graphics, because seriously, it doesn't. Crysis is one franchise, and it's not even exclusive anymore. (again, I'm aware that it's likely to look better on PC, also aware of four or five other franchises that could be worth of a mention, but fades in comparison to number of good looking console exclusives)
VonAlbrecht  +   1817d ago
Completely irrelevant, but while we're on that note I actually have my PC hooked up to a 1080p 32" for my monitor. In fact, I'm gonna go play some The Witcher on it. Have fun man.
kramun  +   1817d ago
'Oh, and sometimes I wonder if you PC gamers actually know the meaning of having a good TV.'

You're just as arrogant as the guy who wrote this article.
Tommykrem  +   1817d ago
Haha, I suppose I am. But seriously though, a good TV makes a huuuuuuuge difference. That's what I wanted to say, sorry if it sounded like I implied that you can't afford a decent TV because you've spent 5.000$ on PC and monitor upgrades :P Haha, ok I'll stop being arrogant now.
#8.3.1 (Edited 1817d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report
kramun  +   1817d ago
'spent 5.000$ on PC and monitor upgrades'

You're stupid as well as arrogant. Congratulations on going full retard.
Krakn3Dfx  +   1817d ago
A Little on the Arrogance of Someone With a Keyboard Who Automatically Thinks They Can Write An Article

I won't give you the satisfaction of clicking on your article.
thebudgetgamer  +   1817d ago
this article is a little silly, but the jist is pc fanboys are the biggest loves the smell of their own farts c-words in gaming.
NiteX  +   1817d ago
I love how since the beginning of PC gaming it's been dying. Who knew something could be so alive and so dead at the same time? Seriously though pointless article. But once again, at least I know I'm not the only one with nothing better to do.
ic4ruz  +   1817d ago
That article is just pure hate.

BTW PC has the most diversity of games.
Saryk  +   1817d ago
I can’t believe I just read this article, the whole thing.
Anyway I feel sorry for the author; He has delusions of Grandeur.
bobrea  +   1817d ago
Arguably having graphics as good as the console...what
sonicsidewinder  +   1817d ago
One of the most backwards-assed opinion pieces i've seen.
Vesemir  +   1817d ago
Very retarded article. Go back to hell whoever wrote this shit.
zero_cool  +   1817d ago
Well there's lots of pc gamers that are arrogant too that always boast about their hardware specs & how superior pc gaming & bashing console gaming all the time so those pc gamers disagreeing just further proves their hypocrites.
#17 (Edited 1817d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Zinc  +   1817d ago
Whatever you say crash override...

A fact, is a fact and a spade, is a spade. Sure some people are like that, just like you have people saying how nothing compares to their console of choice and it's exclusives... so what?

We all know that a PC platform is vastly superior to a console, for any number of technical and logistical reasons (nobody charges developers for patches or updates on the PC, this is also one of the reasons mods generally don't exist for the console, as well).

But, that doesn't mean there isn't merit to the console platform or that it doesn't have its place. I think it does, but I'm not going to say it's superior, because it's not.

You want to know why so many developers make games for all the consoles and PC? Because it suits their bottom line. The more wallets you target, the more open wallets you get cash from. If you are going to invest 30 million dollars or more into making something, you want to have as big an audience as possible. It's just business, not because they particularly like one platform over the other.

It would not surprise me if given a choice, they would instead simply develop for the PC, because it gives them maximum freedom and nothing binding them in any way. If you were developing something, would you like someone taking a cut from your profits and limiting how you present your creation and support it? I know I wouldn't, if I had a viable choice.
#17.1 (Edited 1817d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Zinc  +   1817d ago
In a time not long ago, when the internet blog writers were petty and cruel, and plagued mankind with great suffering...

Hey, mtorino... you're wrong and that's the truth.

Also, I don't think us PC gamers get the short end of anything... really, we get a better overall experience and for that, we should be smiling, regardless of anything else.
Xfanboy  +   1817d ago
ps3 owers are not arrogant against 360 owners?

how many times will someone say "how come xbox exclusives run at 500p?"

I like ps3! xbox not so much but pc is always were my heart is!

All I can say is after Crysis 2 , Battlefield 3 64player count & the sudden leap in support for dx11 features from devs (crysis 2,bf3,dragon age 2, deus ex, dirt 3,Shogun 2 + ) expect more heat!!
#19 (Edited 1817d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Optical_Matrix  +   1817d ago
Stupid article. I won't lie, I HATE PC fanboys, they are the most arrogant elitist fanboys I have ever come across. However, actual PC gamers, I have no problem with. And a lot of them tend to know their shit when it comes to games.
ANIALATOR136  +   1817d ago
whey what a spakka haha
Skynetone  +   1817d ago
i feel the pc community dont relise that the 360/ps3 are doing the pc community a favour because they are quickly becoming the min standard for pc graphics cards,

theres nothing worse then getting that new "family pc", and when you finally get around to playing a game, your piece of s++t pc cant run it, having that min standard across the board will actually grow the pc community, and i believe the pc will once again return to its former glory, where it rightfully belongs, but then again theres allways the ps4 to throw a spanner in the works

heres to happy upgrading
zero_cool  +   1817d ago
LMFAO!...Ignorance is bliss!
betcha  +   1817d ago
Not sure why gamers are doing this to themselves. I grew up when video games and gaming in general was still seen as a novelty. In those days no one cared if your gaming platform of choice was a console or a PC or a piss poor electronic hand held, because in the end they still looked at you like you were some kind of odd ball for enjoying the hobby.

Today gaming is no longer a small niche thing, its huge and just about everyone plays a video game of some sort. Not only that but the amount of electronic devices that play games is insane.

Yet instead of celebrating the fact that our small niche thing has grown into something wonderful and much more excepted than it once was, we turn on each other.

Every time I read some of the views on this site and others, I ALWAYS, always seem to find something like this that makes me cringe.

We are all gamers, stop looking down your nose at a fellow gamer because they choose to game on a different platform than you.
Skynetone  +   1817d ago
your absolutely right,

funny thing is years ago they had a small hand held console which you held over your eyes and it had buttons on top of it, one of the neighbours rang the cops because they thought we where sniffing glue, i spent three days in jail trying to explain, it was a hand held gaming device

some of the facts have been changed, to protect the innocent
hoops  +   1817d ago
I think his Mommy hated him.

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mikejarroy  +   1817d ago
With last years 1 billion $ales reported from Steam alone, it really shows that PC gaming is still strong as the console market.
ATiElite  +   1817d ago
But the machines have raged on, arguably having as good graphics as the consoles.
WOW, that was the first sign this was an obvious FLAIMBAIT Anti-PC article and it isn't even Friday yet.

The things some people do for web hits is ridiculous. If your site needs webs hits so bad just put up some Porn or Google links instead of writing articles that make you look like a FOOL.

Bottom Line....I have never heard of a console gamer doing something that instantly made him/her a Developer but Valve has a very large percentage of employees that were PC Gamers who did something that got them HIRED. TOP THAT!!

PC = The maker of Dreams
Console = Playing someones elses Dream
#27 (Edited 1817d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
omegaortega  +   1817d ago
I usually can resist commenting, but this article makes me sick.

Anyways... as a fan of games, I want to play the very best version of the game available. Majority of multi platform games look a generation ahead of the consoles on PC, especially DX11 enabled games.

BUT YA KNOW, there are PC gamers who own 1-3 consoles. Like myself, I have my PS3 for its plethora of exclusives like Uncharted, LBP, GOW, etc etc etc. I only buy like 1-3 games a year on 360, but I have it for those few exclusives. Same for Wii.

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