PlanetXbox360 Reviews Halo 3

Sometimes hype is a bad thing, sometimes it is a great thing. In the case of the blockbuster hit Halo 3 it was a very good thing. Screaming past all previous video game records Bungie's Halo 3 for the Xbox 360 had enormous copies of it preordered and one of the highest budgeted marketing campaigns ever seen for a video game. None of this marketing would mean anything if the game they were selling was no good, luckily Halo 3 made the publisher's job all but easy by being one hell of a game and easily the best end to one of the most successful gaming franchises ever created. Besides hype the other word that comes to mind when speaking about Halo 3 is epic, this game is epic in every sense of the word.

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tony4097d ago

the multiplayer is phenomenal, one of the best; but the graphics in the campaign mode are pretty me the multiplayer graphics look better than the campaign mode. how they gave it 9.7 to graphics? anyways, the multiplayer is the best on any of the halo's game series. lots features. lots of fun. yes i believed the multiplayer is epic ,but not the campaign mode.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4096d ago

But with a name like PlanetXBOX360, there no doubt what the score is.

GameOn4096d ago

MS must have forgot to bribe these guys cos the didnt give it a 10.

etownone4096d ago

great time to be an xbox 360 owner.... and i had just finished bioshock (f*cking awesome game) this weekend.

i know there are alot of ps haters out there, saying m$ is paying for good reviews (pathetic).... but i guess i would be a hater too if i had the more expensive ps3 and it just doesn't deliver the AAA games.

and I know ps looks to the future for AAA games, but 360 has them now...Gears of War, Bioshock, and now Halo3.

spammy_nooo4096d ago

what a suprise...

the user score is 8.7 though. interesting.

mesh14096d ago

ofc it is with retards like u sonyfanboy

spammy_nooo4096d ago

That really hurts. Especially coming from somebody as respected as you. wait....what?

ParaDise_LosT4096d ago

more Reviews :) but then again IGN and Gamespot already came out with theirs...
and we all know they are the only 2 that truly matters....


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The story is too old to be commented.