DamnLag - Activision's Wake-Up Call?

I’m assuming most of you readers have followed the gaming business long enough to know that certain game companies change their business practices over time. It wasn’t long ago when we were all pounding our fists with anger at the evil Electronic Arts. Fast forward a few years: now when Electronic Arts is mentioned you don’t feel that evil empire feeling creep over you. Electronic Arts has changed, and as far as public perception goes, for the better. It is when I look back at their history that I think of Activision. I think it goes without saying that Activision is the company that most gamers hate, that even mentioning the name Bobby Kotick starts a united forum flame blast is something we have all grown used to the past couple years.

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shinydiscopaul2592d ago

Stupid decision making in the gaming industry is like a round of the flu: it makes it's way everywhere eventually. EA had (or still has) it, and Activision is chugging Ny-Quil as we speak.

FlyWestbrook2592d ago

Guitar Hero needed to die. Fast.

SupahJ2592d ago

Nice to see some journalists put some thought into their writing. Though I bet some people at Activision would say differently.

MechaZain2592d ago

Most gamers still aren't willing to admit that EA has turned things around.

mittwaffen2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

They are just in the baby steps to the right direction.

Acitvision is in the 7th circle of hell, trapped fighting the devils (Bobby KotDICK) wars for our money.
They will never find their way up to the surface with this rest of us. The company will just die a slow, bleedout death. Perhaps a Gears of war 3 curbstomp to finish it off humanly.

RedDead2591d ago

EA has started turning around, they're on their way back to the light, they're spending more time on having quality game's over shitty rehashes year after year. They're doing more stuff with the francise's and trying to make them better, N4S is an example.

GamingForever2591d ago

They could use some better games now that crappy ones are out..

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