David Perry: I'm Not a Wii Hater

In an interview with Disposable Media, Perry explains, "I'm one of the few developers that doesn't have a publisher PR department breathing down their necks all the time. So when I get to do an interview, I speak my mind. I just say how I feel, the press appreciate that. And I do a ton of interviews, so the conversations I have about gaming can go just about anywhere.

"…500 interviews go by without a blip, but then if you mention something negative about Nintendo, it's pretty impressive the passion that stirs. Do I take my comments back? Hell no. I'm in no way a Nintendo hater. I have a Wii, I bought it the second it came out, I play it often. I've got all their machines and tons of games. There's just many issues with the Wii, and the fans just don't want to hear it. I personally admire how well the Wii has done. I just find it interesting to see how people turn a blind eye to its flaws."

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HeartlesskizZ4095d ago

David Perry: I’m Not a Wii Hater....nor am I =)

smeg0rz4095d ago

David Perry: Your a shi*e game designer, and your baby angel game was an overdue peaec of crap (Messiah) - Why do you continue to talk like you are an amazing games designer? Your not. How does anyone respect you?

ItsDubC4095d ago

This is the same guy that said that UMD needs to go back to the drawing board and that the PSP needs to be redesigned to not have a motor (lol what?).

purin4095d ago

This reminds me of blatent racists who say they have black friends.
However, he makes a good point about some wii-lovers being uncomfortable citing the flaws of the Wii.

Vizion264095d ago

Who cares about what he said. The masses love the Wii -- it is outselling both the 360 and PS3. If there were many issues with the Wii as he said there was then it wouldn't be selling like crazy.

At least the issues with the Wii doesn't involve a third of the consoles breaking down and costing as much of a month on a down payment on a Hummer.

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