Halo 3 Launch Event in NYC (video)

Video from the big Halo 3 launch event, at Best Buy in New York, covered by Major Nelson.

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castdreams4015d ago

Phil Harrison has got to be weeping right now...

MADGameR4015d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4! THANK YOU!

rubarb234015d ago

you gotta be joking right? MGS? don't get me wrong i love the MGS series to death, but dude there is no game on this planet that generates the kind of publicity that halo does.

360RULEZ4015d ago


killzone whoooooooooooooooo ?


Gamer134015d ago

Halo 3 there is no game like it.

snittolo4015d ago

Maybe it's me but I'm still laughing 15 minutes after watching that video, wtf?

rubarb234015d ago

i know what you mean man. that was one crazy launch.

Mu5afir4015d ago

Half of the people who went into that store didn't look like they were "Halo" fans. And this one wasn't as big as the first Halo launch, now that one awesome.

GameOn4015d ago

Dude, you dont have to look like a halo fan to be one. what else do you think those people were there for? PS3's?

Wasnt as succesful as the first halo launch? Your joking right, I didnt realise Halo:CE had a launch party.

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