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Elite tempting new gamers

The Xbox 360 Elite is selling well, and market research is indicating a high proportion of those buying it are people who don't already own an original Xbox 360.

That's according to Neil Thompson, senior regional director for the UK and Ireland at Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division, who spoke exclusively to GamesIndustry.biz. (Xbox 360)

CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2983d ago
I might buy X360
I just buy what appeals me. I bought PS3 because I want MGS and Final Fantasy XIII and blu ray player. Normal DVD look ugly on my HD TV. Also Heavenly Sword impressed me its more graphical thing I saw and Warhawk is plain fun. Didn't have so much fun as I did in Warhawk since the time of BF2 pre patches.

I also bought PSP Lite lately. Why? Because I wanted Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. I am also enjoying playing games during some boring lessson at school lol.

I am buying Nintendo DS for Dragon Quests and Blue Dragon. I love JPRGs

I upgraded PC to play Crysis and other releases on PC.
I am still looking for a reason to buy X360. Most game of X360 I can play on PC including Bioshock. I did not enjoy Halo on Xbox i prefer halo 1 on PC and Halo 2 is plain crap. Its online is way overrated. 16 Players? Come on we been playing BF2 with 64 players for AGES and free.

I gave Halo 3 the benefit of doubt but after trying beta I did not enjoy online. Its graphics makes my eyes bleed compared to Heavenly Sword and the auto aim is total bullcrap. Also I cannot stealthly hide inside bushes and use camoflauge like I used to do as sniper in BF2 due to lame skins. Reviewers say Single Player mode is boring short and a mess and repeititve, yet follow but 10 score which means contradic themselves. I'll go try it at some show this Sat to see whats the fuss about.

I will buy X360 if something appeals me which I still am looking for a reason.

Now kindly take your fanboyish comments like "OMFG PS3 SUXX TRADE IT WITH X360 X360 ROXXX" and comments like "X360 SUXXXX HALO SUXXXX". Please make constructive comments and critisim for example. "The PS3 Appeals me because of the free online and games like MGS and FF"
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QUNE  +   2983d ago
"The PS3 Appeals me because of the free online and games like MGS and FF"
That's me!
I'm really wanting to get a PS3 soon. The #1 reason I want a PS3 is the SOCOM series. I really wish Confrontation wouldn't have been pushed back because now I'm stalling my purchase again. I'm also wondering if there's going to be a price drop.
I'm not all about graphics (hence SOCOM). It's all about gameplay or games in general for me.
sjappie  +   2983d ago
If that's so,
why not stick with/buy a ps2?
Joystick Radio  +   2983d ago
The xbox 360 elite is so cool
Dlacy13g  +   2983d ago
well not sure if the elite is tempting new customers or not....
but I do know the 360 is pickin up steam. latest look on Amazon shows the 20GB HDMI 360 in 5th place ahead of the Wii, the 120GB Elite is around 11th I think and the Halo version sku is at 15th spot.

360 is doing well this month...
Marceles  +   2983d ago
I bought an elite in August...
...shortly before Bioshock came out and I'm happy I got one. I have Bioshock, Gears, Skate, Crackdown, Madden 08, just got Halo 3 in the mail (too bad I have to wait until after work to play it), and some of the older but good games for the 360. I'm pretty relieved I got one since I always had to wait for new games and demos to come out on the PS3, while the 360 always gets new content, even though I have to admit the PS3 is finally catching up there with their content. I still play Warhawk alot but my other 15 PS3 games are collecting dust.
kn  +   2983d ago
He's not sure if new gamers are attracted to the large amount of storage or they just like black. There are these little things called "focus groups" that can provide answers to these perplexing questions.

I want the 360 to succeed worldwide as a viable console and if that is the level of overall understanding of customer desires/needs/wants etc. then someone needs to go back to school.

Before you jump on me as a fanboy, I have a 360. I love it. I want to see it do well. That statement in this article, though, is bad...
mandrake  +   2983d ago
I have a hunch the guy's just playing dumb. It's a very subtle dig at his counterparts over at the competition, who he knows are going to read his comments eventually.
kn  +   2983d ago
You are probably right.... A thinly veiled poke at Sony's black console I guess...
PimpHandHappy  +   2983d ago
ummmm what else would he say
That's according to Neil Thompson, senior regional director for the UK and Ireland at Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division


i stop reading there
n4gno  +   2983d ago
same here ;)

and (but not new) : http://www.cnet.com/4520-4_...
chanto23  +   2983d ago
i want to trade in my premium which is starting to give me problems
reading disks...does anybody knows if the Elite is more reliable or should i wait more to see if they make an announcement on the Falcon chip?
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Rockstar  +   2983d ago
Wait for falcon
Elite has identical build quality.

That's what I'm doing anyway.

Hopefully the new falcons will also have the reliable/quiet dvd rom drives in there as well.
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Rooted_Dust  +   2983d ago
I'll admit that the Halo buzz is tempting me to get into 360, but I'm afraid I would buy Halo and then never buy another game for it. I might just be safer to stick with my PC and wait for Halo 3 to be released on Vista.
BloodySinner  +   2983d ago
How many years down the road will you wait?
kn  +   2983d ago
You not interested in Bioshock, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, PGR4 or any other 360 exclusives? There are some fine games to be had and since the console is a year older there are quite a few good games that are pretty inexpensive used and new...
Rooted_Dust  +   2982d ago
The problem is I have a pretty good PC gaming rig, and I'm planning on upgrading it. I know Halo 3 will come out on PC within a year an a half, so will Mass Effect most likely just like Kotor and Jade Empire. I already have Bioshock, and PGR is just another racer. The only thing really fueling me to get an Xbox360 is pure impatience.
Mu5afir  +   2983d ago
If you own a 360..
Why would you buy the Elite, when you can simply pay for the HDD? As for HDMI, that isn't really a necessity for the 360, as no game will ever be native 1080p for the system.
MikeGdaGod  +   2983d ago
it's not tempting me............
there's only one game coming on 360 that i want. i can't remember the name of it, but i know i has something to do with zombies running up on people fast and other players were conrolling them and G4 showed it at E3. you guys know what i'm talking about?

thats the only game i want. but it's not enough for me to buy another 360.
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CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2983d ago
Left 4 Dead? Its coming out on PC too.
MikeGdaGod  +   2982d ago
yeah i guess.....other than that, i good with my PS

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