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SCEJ president: NGP has “got to receive support from gamers”

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano has told Famitsu that NGP “isn’t something that’s driven solely by us at SCE.” (PS Vita)

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Abash  +   1660d ago
They've already got my support
Myst  +   1660d ago
Mine to since they will have a Monster Hunter on it and all the bells and whistles are a nice touch.
NukaCola  +   1659d ago
I am already sold.
darthv72  +   1659d ago
it goes hand in hand
give people what they want and in return they give you support. Politics and video games...interesting similarities.
evrfighter  +   1659d ago
indeed. Though I'll wait. I mean ps3 quality in handheld form is cool and all. But I'm ready for next gen.
pain777pas  +   1659d ago
These guys don't skimp. Expect quatlity hidef cameras for PICTURES. Video? Probably non AVCHD format, meaning it will be regulated to 640*480 I suppose. Could be wrong and would love to be wrong however i have a strong suspicion I am right on target. PS suite apps may be able to do something about that who knows.
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JLeVRT  +   1659d ago
Day one purchase for me. Sony put everything we wanted into this handheld
TBM  +   1659d ago
Got mine
badz149  +   1659d ago
me too
can't wait to get the 3G version
Dimitrius  +   1660d ago
Looking forward for system price, games price and cameras resolution. Then ill decide...
Burning_Finger  +   1659d ago
I think they got 60M support already.
Dart89  +   1659d ago
If it's anything between $250 or $300 im in.
CaptainGreece  +   1659d ago
Sony always has my support they take care of my gaming needs.
hoops  +   1659d ago
Price it right and I will buy 2 of them easy.
It's shaping up to be a killer hand held. Just make the price decent and Sony you have a major winner on your hands and Nintendo will have to worry this time around.
bumnut  +   1659d ago
I don't think Nintendo will have to worry at all, Sony and Nintendo are both aiming for a different audience.

The market is easily big enough for both companies to to do really well which is win/win for gamers.
ANIALATOR136  +   1659d ago
as long as it isnt over 300 quid, they have my support
supremacy  +   1659d ago
It definitely gets mine, as i am a big supporter of powerful hardware and packages.

But if Sony wants support from the average person it needs a good pricing, a steady flow of games and some good marketing behind this device.

Otherwise a lot can go wrong if the appropriate action isn't taken.
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a08andan  +   1659d ago
I would love to see mod-able games for the NGP. You create levels/tracks and whatnot on ur PC (Ofc on NGP if possible, but PC would likely be much easier) and then transfer it to your NGP through bluetooth or USB. That would be really cool :)
joeorc  +   1659d ago
more of an indication
@ the change over at Sony!

Developer's are having an hand in creating the Playstation this time not just by Sony but by 3rd Party development.

this is not the Sony of Old. they are looking more an more well grounded an keeping spending an development for their platforms inline for profitability without sacrificing capability.

A real benefit for the consumer because it will speed up development time, but have enriched gaming experience's.

Now with hardware designed like the PS3 being viable for game development, but the 1st party are at an advantage over the 3rd party's due to the 3rd party's would have to tweak their game engines to take advantage of said hardware.

but with this change in operation's the 3rd party's also have a good platform tool chain without 1st party having a more advantage starting off that was expensive for 3rd party to get to parity.

This is great new's.
arabiensoldier  +   1659d ago
Gettin it day 1 who wouldnt
Godmars290  +   1659d ago
Well, it going to have to be "reasonably" priced.
Like dart89 said: base price line around $250~$300 with more for the 3G. Plus Sony has to make the transition from PSP as painless as possible.

Lots of UMD holders are going to be complaining about anything that's still on UMD. You also can't have the double-dipping nonsense that's going to happen with the Xperia.
darkvenom  +   1659d ago
Theu have my support,i'll pre-order mine. : )
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Theyellowflash30  +   1659d ago
Im not sure if they will have my support. I already have a PS3 and Im not sure if I want to pay the same price just to have it portable. Im worried about the price of the full games like Uncharted and Killzone too. How much are these going to cost? 50-60 bones will be too much to invest into a portable especially when I need to buy games for my ps3,360, Wii, and 3DS.
Masterchef2007  +   1659d ago
Its true if no one buys it then no one will develope games for it. But that isnt going to happen. It will be more sucessful than the PSP. Which means it will top 60 million units.
Xbox360PS3AndPC  +   1659d ago
I Love The NGP, Got My Support 120%
strickers  +   1659d ago
They had me at Hello.
If they get software support,it will do well.
I've got a feeling it may be cheaper than expected.
Unfortunately,it's still getting the Sony media negativity while the 3DS gets it's free ride.
The next thing will be that Ninty invented AR cards and the PSP/PS3 have not done it 1st.
It has the POTENTIAL to be the best handheld gaming device ever made and by a margin.
PSP was a let down though,so we'll see.
divideby0  +   1659d ago
gamer to Sony... put it at 250 and it WILL receive support from gamers... put it over 300 and its your fault it will not get as much support
Undeadwolfy  +   1659d ago
jneul  +   1659d ago
as long as its not the £300 range im really interested, otherwise sony may have to wait a year
Optical_Matrix  +   1659d ago
As usual with Sony systems, my support..you have it. This is a gamers handheld. Made for the hardcore. I think NGP is what a lot of people have been hoping for for years. Especially those who weren't too sure whether or not to jump on handheld gaming.
REDHULKSMASH  +   1659d ago
Why get a ngp when I could play my ps3 on my 60" Mitsubishi. How big is the green on ngp?..5" come on, I'm sure it is a great piece of machinery but theres only 24 hours in a day, so when I'm not at work, chillin with my kids, gettin' my freak on with my wife, workn' out I play my ps3 on a"big screen" with my dual shocks.". I don't even play my 360 anymore because I got no time. I think it is good Sony is trying to excel in different things, Microsoft just sits on it's ass. Sony and nintendo innovate.

Nuttin' against portable gamers, ngp is best for your $$, but it is a waste for me and possibly other people in their 30s or short on time. If I had a easy job like security, I'd buy it.
sashimi  +   1659d ago
Thats pretty cool you can bring your ps3/60" mitsubishi and a portable power supply outdoors whenever you leave home....unless you don't leave home at all..
princejb134  +   1659d ago
i would love the ngp but i already see the price is gonna be high
as long as the price stays above 200 theres no way im gonna purchase it anytime soon
STiRacer  +   1659d ago
NGP will get my support if...
Sony supports me with a decent MSRP price. It better not be over $399. PSP Go, 'nuff said.

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