SCEJ president: NGP has “got to receive support from gamers”

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano has told Famitsu that NGP “isn’t something that’s driven solely by us at SCE.”

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Abash2652d ago

They've already got my support

Myst2652d ago

Mine to since they will have a Monster Hunter on it and all the bells and whistles are a nice touch.

darthv722652d ago

give people what they want and in return they give you support. Politics and video games...interesting similarities.

evrfighter2652d ago

indeed. Though I'll wait. I mean ps3 quality in handheld form is cool and all. But I'm ready for next gen.

pain777pas2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

These guys don't skimp. Expect quatlity hidef cameras for PICTURES. Video? Probably non AVCHD format, meaning it will be regulated to 640*480 I suppose. Could be wrong and would love to be wrong however i have a strong suspicion I am right on target. PS suite apps may be able to do something about that who knows.

JLeVRT2652d ago

Day one purchase for me. Sony put everything we wanted into this handheld

Dimitrius2652d ago

Looking forward for system price, games price and cameras resolution. Then ill decide...

Burning_Finger2652d ago

I think they got 60M support already.

Dart892652d ago

If it's anything between $250 or $300 im in.

CaptainGreece2652d ago

Sony always has my support they take care of my gaming needs.

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The story is too old to be commented.