Wii, PS3 boost Game Group sales, but hit margins

British video games retailer Game Group Plc (GMG.L: Quote, Profile ,Research) swung to a first-half profit on Tuesday as its overseas shops did well and Nintendo's Wii and Sony's Playstation 3 continued to grab gamers' imaginations.

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nasim4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

This should give people an idea about how bad the x360 is selling in EUROPE . No one even mentions the console in EU/UK

@BOT below

x360 is not just doing bad . It is non existent in EU and UK (except VGCHARTS)

HALO 3 has killed x360 in NA too. cuz what remains after HALO 3???

cartoon mass effect and fable 2 ........those are not mainstream games.

BIOSHOCK moved 0 units for x360.

HALo 3 is the sole reason for xboxers to buy x360 ...On the other hand we have bigger games in terms of sales too ---GT5,MHS4,FF13 all coming next year.

NOT TO FORGET ---KZ2 will be coming next year


PS3 murders x360 in UK/EU and JAPAN

NA domination will start soon too

@ BOT below

your halo 3 sucks and this is why no new people are buying x360 after seeing the disappointing graphics of HALO 3

HMV is the biggest retailer in UK

GAME is the second biggest retailer in UK

Sangheili854103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Just because a article does not mention a 360 doesn't mean it's doing bad. I'm sure the users of this site can find articles that mention 360 and not the PS3. By you're justification does that mean that the PS3 is doing horrible in NA? Course not. You just troll around posting Anti360 stuff because you are scared of a good thing like 360 and halo. You proved to this site you are not a true gamer and are a little kid who likes the name playstation. I on the other hand like games see that? Key work GAMES! either 360 or PS3 or freaking N64 its all good here!

Hey N4G people POST ME SOME LINKS of articles that mention the 360 or Wii and not the PS3.

Also remember my new rule? The NASIM RULE! Report anything he says as SPAM we all know it is. Lets clean the trash from N$G!!

LOL NASIM you sad sad little kid.. I knew you would bust out you're HMV and PLAY topsales wow saw that coming how sad. Correct me if i'm wrong but sales did increase with bioshock and the month following with the price cut and now HALO3 is going to give 360 alot more sales. OMG KZ2???? what ever will i do with a gray game. Please spare me you're stupid sony propaganda. KZ1 sucked a$$ i have no faith in 2. You're sites mean nothing to sales wait for monthly sales numbers like the last months on end when 360 beat PS3. You say except VGChartz but i bet the next time it post saying PS3 is doing better then 360 you will be posting it on here too.

eagle214103d ago

why do you care about this article so much? It never said the 360 is doing bad. Halo 3 will boost 360 sales, um duh? But I know the PS3 and Wii, will be more than fine without Halo this generation and next. You know it, I know it, and every gamer should know. The big three: Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are not going any damn where for decades to come!