MS admits Halo 3 scratched disc problem

Microsoft has admitted there's a problem with Halo 3's Limited Edition packaging scratching game discs, and is now offering replacements via the Xbox website.

Microsoft's replacement program lets those unfortunate few download and complete a form to get a working copy for free, with a minimum wait of two weeks.

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archpsyker4095d ago

It's good that Microsoft is actually owning up to this quickly. I personally wasn't expecting them to do anything about it right away.

Ignorant Fanboy4095d ago

Try this if you hve had this problem, I personally havent tried it but it looks like it might work.

Its something about the waxes in a bananna, I though it was a joke but its not, click here:

wageslave4094d ago

Goto the link on from that website:

MS isnt "admitting" anything, "admitting" implies they somehow denied it.

What that link is, is a link to the standard disc-replacement program -- that they have for every game, and its a long standing policy. And a small note saying "Oh, and if you get a LE disc, it is free until the end of the year".

Im not saying the discs are or are not being scratched (I doubt its an issue at all, we've seen 1 set of pictures posted on NeoGAF, every other story uses that single forum post as the source, including this one...)

The story is inaccurate. It implies MS 'denied' it in the first place. Instead of saying "MS arranges for fix for any potential LE scratches" we get this kind of accusation and derision.

Its just stupid.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4094d ago

You can still use the word "ADMIT". Makes no difference nonetheless scratched discs are scratched discs.

ddcab4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

Yep good thing I heard about this problem on the N4G. I picked my LE copy up at walmart heard something bouncing around. Low and behold scratches galore. I quickly traded it in for standard edition. Not smart MS u lost a extra ten bucks i was willing to spend. Cheap case can't even hold it. How did MS even let H3 ship in this crappy case. N people said the sony fanboys was making this up.

tehcellownu4095d ago

Its funny because that what happen to my friend he got screwed over and decided not to get the limit edition and get the standard one. I think Microsoft know this was going to happen from the start but they couldn't do anything about it because it was to late to address the problem. Its not the first time Microsoft screw things up. Alot of xboxs fans put up with their piss poor qaulity.. they are really fortunate they have lots of games on their system for NOW or no one would put up with their crap..

There is a lot of hardcore Halo 3 fans that bought another 360 because they scared that their old one would crap out on them..Also some are waiting to get their 360 to get repaired and if their halo 3 disks is fuked up they have to wait for another 2 weeks..This is all bullcrap

JasonPC360PS3Wii4094d ago

that and I bet just a few were fans being realy excited about the game and rushed to open. I think it's time for the DVD/game cased to be updated because some customers just don't get that you have to push the little button in to release the game/movie and they just pull on the disc but in this case it looks like the case is just to tight aroung the disc. I think MS learned it's lesson about getting to the problems quick and not letting them linger.

HeartlesskizZ4095d ago

They could have fixed that problem if the stores where able to open the boxes so is kind of their own fault

HeartlesskizZ4095d ago

was that you bill gates? disagreeing with me for pointing the true?

WafflesID4095d ago

I Wasn't the one that disagreed with you, but i DO disagree with you. Opening the boxes would have caused more problems. There was no reason to suspect that the discs were going to get scratched.

Letting them open the boxes early is another one of those hindsight is 20/20 solutions that is unrealistic.

Drano4095d ago

Sell now, think later.

tehcellownu4095d ago

Haha..This is the reason japan Dont buy american crap..

kevin11224095d ago

bubbles for you, that was funny.