Off the Beaten Path: The Saboteur (PC)

"This week I decided to take a look at The Saboteur. It slipped under a lot of people’s radars when it first came out back in 2009."- Bedivere

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eccothedolphin72622d ago

I love the word "monochromatic". It needs to be used more.

maxcavsm2622d ago

Screw you people, I loved this game, jank and all.

AmigoSniped2622d ago

I wish I had player it.. Looked interesting.

TABSF2622d ago

Its a really good game, could of been great but still.

A lot of people bash Activision and to right they recycle the same shit every year and close studio that make interesting tittles but Electronic Arts aren't angels they closed Pandemic Studios which was a industry leader last gen.

AmigoSniped, get it on PC I got mine off Amazon. I'm sure they got it on Ebay and in retail stores still.