Rumor: Frank West And Doc Ock Could Be Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC

A hacker has dug through the code for Marvel vs Capcom 3 and found mention of both Frank West and Doctor Octopus even though neither character is currently in the game...

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Larry L2620d ago

I suppose both would be good additions, though neither is one I specifically want. Doc Oc could definitely be interesting to play as though. Probably be a decent replacement for one of the characters I do want: Omega Red.

If enough characters get released as DLC over the coming months that I want, that make me feel the game is worth spending money on, I'd definitely buy Doc Oc.

But the characters I WANT are
Silver Surfer
Omega Red
Ghost Rider

Mega Man
Yellow Devil
Dr. Wiley in a Sentinel sized robot, maybe a giant Guts Man
(Those last 3 are not just because they're cool, but because Capcom needs some larger characters)

budbundystyles2620d ago

[prepares for 4 months of this.]

Optical_Matrix2620d ago

Ok, put Batsu, Strider and Megaman X in there while you're at it Capcom

Ghost2502620d ago

just give me vergil and ill be a happy man

krisq2620d ago

Knowing Capcom, they are already on the disc.

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