Gamers Go Ga-Ga Over Lightsaber Wii Remote

A new weapon will soon join Nintendo's armory: a lightsaber.

Internet gaming sites across the Web cheered news last week of a new "Star Wars" game for the hit Wii console in which players will wield the Jedi weapon of choice using Nintendo's motion sensitive "Wiimote" controller.

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kn4099d ago

These plastic addon or "snap-in" accessories are WEAK. It's cheesy with a capital C...

ArmrdChaos4099d ago

if they are able to get this game out for Xmas...holy crap...they will move units faster than they did last year.

OldGamer4099d ago

is the only thing that would get me to buy a Wii. Guess I better start looking for one now.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4099d ago

I'm not a fan of anything Mario, Zelda or Metroid. Don't hate, it's been like that from the first time I got a Super Nintendo (I never owned the 1st Nintendo I went Sega Master) but later I owned them all and just never got into those games. Anyway you give me sports like football, hockey, tennis or even baseball and I'm there but what I was realy waiting for was my nerdy Star Wars geekery to get a Wii game (FPS should be left to the mouse or controller, sorry guys)

perseus4099d ago

I just got a PS3, and was a little bit afraid that I wouldn't want any more Wii games. Then I remembered Deca Sporta, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, and the other mini-games/sports games that are coming out. The Wii is a blast for those sorts of games, and I can't wait to do archery when I'm drunk.