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News24 Games contributor, Grant Hinds gives us the 411 on strengthening the companionship, support and Ultra Kills in your relationship.

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granthinds2492d ago

Ye, just got my gf to play Gears 2 with me. We're a lot tighter. :)

ianfelmore2492d ago

Ha nice one, I tried that on my side but she couldn't get comfortable with the camera. But I just got LBP2 and as you said its great fun to jam a level together!

granthinds2492d ago

Ye, played LBP with my ex. Too many bad memories there so i'll luss it ;)

WobblyOnion2492d ago

I get a fair amount of gaming in with the missus. It's strengthened our relationship - and I appreciate the heck out of her taking an interesting in a hobby so important to me.

kelvinmanley2492d ago

yeah, there's nothing hotter than your girlfriend playing Treant Protector and spamming that lvl 11 entangle for the win.

BradyRuiters2492d ago

Very interesting article. Guitar Hero has been VERY successful on my side. We enjoy playing together. Modern Warfare 2 has also been pretty successful. I remember that she would get these periods of pwnage at times and then whoop my ass. We'd also be quite the team when we played Spec Ops. I have to admit that I found it pretty damn hot that she could beat me like that when we played competitively.

ianfelmore2491d ago

I also find it hot when my girl friend beats me ;) I just got a DSi and she has a DSXL (that things huge) and hitting some Mario Kart is epic!

Akth8r2491d ago

Wish i had a girlfriend to play splitscreen with......

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