Some gamers plan to be 'Halo' sick; 25% of all students to skip classes

USA Today is running an article that looks at how tomorrow will result in many pulling fake sickness to get a day off or perhaps even the whole week to play Halo 3. The comments range from employees planning to taking the day off of work to students planning to skip school. A University of Cincinati marketing major expects 25% of students won't be in class on Tuesday due to Halo 3 and comments that some students are planning to take the complete week off!

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RadientFlux3502d ago

maybe Bungie should have done what Enix used to do with Dragon Warrior and release the game on a Saturday instead of Tuesday. It would make me happy instead of being stuck at work in till 5:00

socomnick3502d ago

lol im also not going to class but thing is im really am sick.
Caught a nasty flu.

Ignorant Fanboy3502d ago

Even if you truly believe it, doesnt make it true.

socomnick3502d ago

im actually sick been throwing up flems all morning but im still gonna be at gamestop at 10 am.

Ignorant Fanboy3502d ago

Weve got to finish the fight!

socomnick3501d ago

lol way ahead you I called a friend to pick up my copy man the games wicked graphics are amazing . But games so hard man so daam hard on heroic.

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Ignorant Fanboy3502d ago

Im gonna call my boss and tell him ive got master chiefitis!!

"Boss, Im not gonna make it today. Ive got a nasty warthog I need to get removed."

Ignorant Fanboy3502d ago

"Boss, I aint coming in this week, Ill be on the couch playing Halo 3."

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