Gran Turismo is a "Movement," Not Just a Game

Kazunori Yamauchi discusses life, art, cars, and the Greek concept of mimesis in an engaging talk about the meaning of Gran Turismo.

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chasegarcia2655d ago

TWO QUESTIONS WITH SHORT ANSWERS!! dO not bother with this.

sp1deynut2655d ago ShowReplies(2)
Bonerboy2655d ago

Paint/defend it however you want pal, it's still just a so-so racer.

blumatt2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

And what racer is better? Forza? NFS Shift? Just because you can't paint up your car all gangsta or with some ridiculous paint scheme, doesn't mean GT5 is anything less than the best racing simulator this gen.

Edit: Project Gotham is NOT a racing simulator like GT5, man. It's more of an arcade racer. You can't take a turn at 120 mph and expect to keep grip, unless of course you're in an F1 car or something. Again, Project Gotham is an arcade racer.

Tr10wn2655d ago

TDU2 is better than GT5

rjgbyrne2655d ago

I disagree too, its a good upgrade from 4 but definitely NOT this gens best racing simulator. I might change my mind if they improve the game with a hefty patch or two but they won't, they'll save it for GT6. My fav. sim so far is Project Gotham 4, its a shame Bizarre are now defunct. Here's hoping Sony do the right thing and poach the team for the next GT.

Bonerboy2655d ago

Oi Vay! I must disagree with your rebuttal good sir.


I agree with Bonerboy,lame username but agreeable opinion regardless.

Bonerboy2655d ago

I feel "bonerboy" clearly beats out "A Living Legend" as a better username. Thanks for your support my friend as PS3 kids can be quite defensive over their precious titles. We non fanboys must stick together for the greater good of the gaming community.

The_Quiet_Man2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Judging by you're comments in here I doubt you even own or played GT5. Calling out one type fanboy usually means you too are also fanboy.

They only thing people can bash GT5 for is the inconsistency between the premium cars & the standard ones (would've been nice if they were all premium but the game had to release at some stage & they still look good). I'll also add the shadows under car can be jaggy at times & the odd frame drops (no game breaking bugs).

Even with those faults GT5 is best driving simulator out there, the amount of cars, the physics & handling, precise tracks, day/night/rain, custom tracks.

I understand why people are into other racing games though, GT is not for everyone, you can't nitro your way into 1st after 3 rubbish laps, the game actually requires some skill & patience.

F4sterTh4nFTL2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I have not driven in GT5 for 2 weeks and it appears that is going to increase unless they add some "challenging" events whereas In Forza 3 I still have only done 80% of the events after 1.25 years since release.

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The story is too old to be commented.