Halo 3 is coming... sells Sony (SNE)

CNBC financial panel discusses the latest reviews for Halo 3 and recommend stock picks.

Pete Najarian says Microsoft (MSFT) is a buy.

Jeff Macke recommends selling Sony (SNE) as a console maker, because he feels Halo 3 will be the final nail in that coffin. He says other plays are Gamestop (GME) and Activision (ATVI).

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risk4098d ago

this kids a joke. if you take his advice, im pretty sure your going to loose money.

the_round_peg4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Do you host your own financial show on TV?

Do you own your own investment or hedge fund company?

Do you work for a Wall Street investment company or NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)?

Do you have multiple business degrees from Stanford or Dartmouth University?

The bios of those analysts are listed under alternative sources. See them for yourselves.

Saint Sony4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

PS3 applaud to RISK "crap crap crap crap crap!"

Some people don't even realise how big event HALO3 is in a gaming world. It's HUGE. No other game can do the same.

w57cpd4098d ago

Snooze, I understand you maybe a fan of the PS3, but come on you got to be joking. Sony can not even compare with the games that are coming out on the 360 this year. Most of the PS3 titles are also coming on the 360.
MS have more exclusives this year and if Sony don't get it together they may lose some their exclusives next year.

SonySoldiers4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Boo, there's so many lies in the air. We recommend everyone to buy more SONY's stock for this coming holidays. Halo 3 has been successfully failed (thanks for those who underscored it), Microsoft is now scared like crazy as they don't have any strong system seller for the upcoming years after Halo3.

PS3 owners will be swimming in the sea of exclusive games as they did before on PS2.

This news shouldn't be approved. The Xcow 360 was made to fail in 3-4 more years, and only stupid cowboys buy it.

Thugbot1874098d ago

Well Risk with a name like that and the uneducated comment I'm for sure not taking financial advice from you... Stop being suck a kiss butt fanboy. Sony’s line up this fall would be great if they didn’t have any competition or they were just going against the Wii. However they do and Microsoft is laying it on Sony. Most of the games coming out on the PS3 have not gotten the best of reviews (Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Lair) even though they got a huge amount of hype. I know with how short Heavenly Sword was that PS3 fans are wishing they had some downloadable content. If only was better organized on the PS3 and it wasn’t a last minute decision to copy people like the motion control I’m sure it would be much better. The point is MS has a much stronger line up, and most games will be coming out on both systems and to MS advantage most games have been better on the 360 (I know I know it’s the developers fault…).

nasim4098d ago

HALO 3 is a nail in the coffin for MS and X360

the only game that x360 had is released. Why would somebody buy x360 after this!!!!

Bioshock and Gears are both on PC>

X360 is already nailed in EU and JAPAN. Only NA remains. It would be nailed in 2008

grunt3604098d ago

Nasim, you somehow forget that MS owns windows...which is the only OS the games play on. And for the other little sony kids lurking around on these comments, I suggest you just admit that your console has no games, no features and no future.

Wii and Xbox 360 FTW.

Oh and btw, only a few more hours until H3 for us in the UK! W00T!

San anto4097d ago

cnbc is MICRO$OFT?!?!!? What the F(_)CK?!?!?

MADGameR4097d ago

Its obvious this is a lie

BrianC62344097d ago

What a bunch of twits giving buy and sell advice on the gaming industry. Halo 3 is the final nail in Sony's coffin? Too much. I still can't figure out what's so great about Halo. What a boring game. Nothing but a bunch of hype. No thanks on that crap.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

President Bush has degrees from Yale and Harvard yet he's still a uber dumba$$.

And a person with a degree from Stanford can still be a fanboy.

risk4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

lol wow 11 comments of hate. yet you all forget the fact that you are thinking sony is only in the console business. i know my facts thank you very much. and just because of 1 day sales jumping does not mean microsoft's stock is going to jump more then a few cents per share. if you didnt already know, the ps3 isnt doing very well as of right now. releasing halo3 will reduce sales? maybe maybe not. the ps3 has games comming for it (although maybe not soon enough) but so does the 360. i dont expect sony stocks to drop, because they have other strengths that will protect them.

oh and for the people that dont know.. CNBC = MSNBC

dantesparda4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Wow! all you fanboys really do not know what you's are talking about. Risk is right! this news is way to late, to be applied without taking on to much risk. If you think it is so right, then put your money where you mouth is and invest, i do this for a living and MS is a very slow moving, barely moving stock, good for day trading but not long term investing. None of the big corporations are. MS closed at $27.10 on Sept 26th of 2006, today, one year later, its high today is $29.52, not the best long term stock unless you bought alot of shares of it. It opened today at $29.11 and hit a high of 29.52 at 10:42am EDT, a $.41 jump and is now down to $29.40 ($.29 change from open). Now does that sound like a cash cow to you's?

Kids stay out of what you's dont know

BrianC62344097d ago

The more I think about this story the more troubling I find it. CNBC is part of NBC which is a big partner with Microsoft. CNBC has "so called" financial and gaming experts telling viewers to buy, buy, buy Microsoft stock and sell, sell, sell Sony stock. I find this immoral and criminal. Is this something that should be brought up to the FTC possibly? It sure doesn't seem like something they would approve of.

risk4097d ago

agreed dante, lets not post sony's numbers, we dont want to embarass little kids lol

CyberSentinel4097d ago

Denial is a drug, and you my friend, are a fiend.

Wake up SS, Sony has no secret weapon, the war is over.

Blind Lemmings, Go Home.

(Oh wait, you guys can't, it was delayed as well -My bad.)

risk4097d ago

@cyber. yes indeed maybe you should wake up ;)

theres more to life then a single game. just incase you didnt know:

sne: Day's Range: 45.54 - 46.46
52wk Range: 37.24 - 59.84

MSFT: Day's Range: 29.11 - 29.56
52wk Range: 26.60 - 31.84

its a normal day in the stock market. halo is a but a little blip in the multi billion dollar industry.

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PumPum4098d ago

Hhahahahahahahahahah...... No -_-

Snooze4098d ago

I like ps3's fall lineup better then xbox 360's ^_~ not sure what M$ is paying CNBC, but it must be alot.

BloodySinner4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

<sarcasm> Apparently, Microsoft paid GameSpot to give God of War II an awesome review. - </sarcasm>

bluebrad19744098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Halo 3 could very well be the "final nail" in the ps3's coffin in the US. The ps3 isn't a well liked console here, and the truth of the ps3 has been on national news more than once. The playstation brand has lost it's cool factor. And mindshare leads to marketshare.

The only way that the ps3 could catch the 360 now, would be to drop the price to $200-$300.

b777conehead4097d ago

sorry blue brad the ps3 hasn't lost its cool no rrod.who say the ps3 isn't well liked here i see the site split 50-50. you made your choice for the 360 mine the ps3. i have my reason and you have yours .so why do you always have to be hating on this site .one game is not going to sink the ps3 the ps3 is strong and will only get stronger as time goes on.

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PumPum4098d ago

CNBC and the reviewers who gave halo a 10 despite saying it has framerate issues, level design is boring and simple, and the graphics are nothing special.

ukilnme4098d ago

There is no doubt that Halo 3 will be big for MS but by no means is this the final nail in the coffin for Sony as they have some nice things going now and big things coming soon. Great time to be a gamer.

HeartlesskizZ4098d ago

Halo 3 will not be big, Is already big. fan or not you cant deny Halo is the biggest thread to Nintendo and Sony. This is where exclusives play a big role and need to be kept by its company.

Exclusives are suppose to do damage to rivals and thats what Halo 3 is doing. more delays will not help Sony at all