New York's Halo 3 launch was no riot, but it was close

CNET News reports: "At its climax, the New York Halo 3 launch resembled some combination of a red-carpet premiere, a wild sporting event and an apocalyptic action movie. The security presence was considerable, considering the energy of the crowd. But when midnight rolled around, it was unclear whether the eager, heavily sugared and caffeinated gamers or the camera-wielding press would be the ones to start any kind of riot. Luckily, no one did."

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X_GAMER_X4070d ago

That a game launch could be bigger then a console launch.
I dont remember that the world was chaoes when 360 or ps3 launchec.

Ignorant Fanboy4070d ago

Youre right, they didnt go all out for the console launches.

But Halo 3 was a spectacle last night! And I live in a relatively small city.

MADGameR4070d ago

Its the software that makes the console NOT the hardware. Brainwashed idiots, I bet you'd all give up your freedom and take the mark over Halo 3 eh?

MADGameR4070d ago

It was'nt as big as the PS3 launch. PS3 launch was taking LIVES. Halo 3 did'nt.

ceedubya94070d ago

One the local gamestops that I went to had about 150 customers. I don't even want to imagine what the bigger towns were like.

Drano4070d ago

We had kind of... 15 people lining up in front of where I was selling it, 45 minutes of selling, lock the doors and the job's done.

X_GAMER_X4070d ago

Its still kinda amazing..lool.
That a game can drag so much media to it more then consoles.

I think, no wait..I know that there will NO big as halo.
And no game kind do as well as halo..