Halo 3 launch causes midnight madness in US

Three-year wait comes to an end: Halo 3 has finally launched in the US, greeted by thousands of consumers desperate to get their hands on the highly-anticipated Xbox 360 title as soon as possible. For employees at the GameStop in Folsom, California, one of the 10,000 US retailers opening at midnight, the launch of Halo 3 was just as big as they were expecting.

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PS360PCROCKS3505d ago

My stupid friend fell asleep!!!! After only 2 1/2 hours of Halo campaign and an hour of checking out the online maps. I was very my only gripes so far about this game are as follows: Um it's REALLY fuc*ing addicting. It's REALLY fuc*ing hard. It's REALLY fuc*ing fun. and it's REALLY fuc*ing badass looking! Ok so wait yeah my only gripe is their is 300,000 online and I can't get a slayer match going! Oh and gamestop was wonderful for me, I was in and out and home by 12:30 with a line of about 200 or so...and I was about 120-140 in line. :) Bungie I luvs you!

Daz3505d ago

i have to wait till to night but my local store is only 4 mins drive lol

level 3603505d ago

Got my legendary pack today, and I have to say it is that good. So much better than the previous two Halos.
It's got everything ( story and gameplay ) and sure has delivered on all fronts
Fantastic, good on 'ya Bungie

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3505d ago

I really envy people to whom Halo is their favourite game.

I'd love to live in a world where so much hype and excitement rises about ShadowOfColossus.

Tempo3505d ago

you and all the game developers and publishers in the world probably wishes their game releases had this kind of effect on launch day.

jackfatal3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

how can people go crazy like this for just a game that u play for 10hours then its finished and 1 month of online then u get bored??
and look at the old people fighting and rushing for a game in the picture!! A GAME IS A GAME!!!

seriously they should go to iraq and see what is more important then rushing out and fighting for a game!!

EDIT DrRage77
i see u r an x360 fan!! but ur comment is the best i got from x360 fan!!and i learned something from ur comment!! BUT PS# all the way!!
if there was no ps3 i will quit gaming rather then jumping to x360!!

DrRage773505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

okay, seriously, do you really think that people would get bored of the game after 1 month of online play?? there are people online still playing halo2, and that was released in 2004. people still play call of duty 2, which was released in 2005. people don't get bored with GREAT GAMES....that is the reason microsoft built up xboxlive, to give poeple games that do NOT make them lost interest..the online aspect of gaming is the largest and best parts of gaming today, and also in the future...get a grip on it man lol

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