Nominations revealed for gaming BAFTAs

Following weeks of discussion amongst video gaming's top professionals, the nominations for the The British Academy Video Game Awards have finally been revealed – and it is Nintendo's popular Wii Sports that leads the way with seven nominations.

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trunker4095d ago

how does kane & Lynch get on teh GOTY list? it's not out, it's not been played and reviewed BUT Halo 3 has ...don't get it?

skillednutter4095d ago

How the Feck did most of those games make it onto that list half of them are not even out?!?!?!?!?!?

Fecking Muppets

SL1M DADDY4095d ago

To see that Halo3 did not make it on there. There is nothing special about Halo 3 in terms of stuff we have not seen. Sure you can capture your favorite moments on Halo 3 but who cares? That feature will be used by the hardcore and the hardcore alone. Halo 3 is nothing more than a good FPS with a decent storyline. It is nice to see that the titles are fairly even across the board as far as platforms go.

trunker4095d ago

which games outside the wii contain "anything special in terms of stuff we haven't seen" be honest. clearly you are not a halo fan, fair play but you make no mention of your "gladness" to see kane and lynch a game clearly lacking in graphic or gameplay innovation.

at least halo3 provides extras in forge and the saved films which are simply fantastic ...add at least 3 years and gazillion hours of xbox live multiplayer, tonnes of GB's of machinima material, your choice to play or watch your mates films (its fun believe me) and all for the same price as vampire rain????*#*? and other poor poor games.

give the devs, the franchise and the quality some credit and get over yourself

Rooted_Dust4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

Halo 3 just released, but it's not on the list. Crysis, which isn't out till November is on the list. Overall I think this list is mashed together and doesn't look like much thought was put into it.

Lazy4095d ago

How the hell can Oblivion not feature

SL1M DADDY4095d ago

Oblivion was released last year, not this year...

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