TGH: Mafia II: Joe's Adventures DLC

TGH Writes: "It has been a while since we last visited Empire Bay and almost nothing has changed, which is a good thing. This time the great folks at 2K Games have allowed players to play through a major story arc that has previously not been available as one of the main characters to the original Mafia II storyline, Joe Barbaro. Does the telling of Joe’s Adventures fall short now that there is no mystery to what happened or does it leave the player wanting more."

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Xfanboy2833d ago

I can't believe I didn't buy this on steam new years sale :(
mafia 2 plus all dlc for $10 :( Im a fool!!

ShadyDevil2833d ago

I would have to agree to that statement sir lol. Great deal.

ChrisGTR12833d ago

as long as you dont get the jimmys vendetta DLC your good. that dlc was some of the worst ever. i played it free and feel cheated out of time. lol

bumnut2833d ago

I loved Mafia 2, at first i was disappointed it did not have the freedom of GTA, but soon got over it. It was a really well made game with a good story.

Is this DLC for PC too ?