Nintendo is Japan's 2nd most valuable active stock

Nintendo Co Ltd roared past Canon Inc to become Japan's second most valuable tradable company behind Toyota Motor Corp this week as investors bet demand for its Wii and DS machines will remain strong into the critical year-end shopping season.

Although the market value of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc (MUFG) is potentially bigger than that of Nintendo, trading in its shares is suspended this week ahead of a 1,000-for-one share split.

Nintendo's Wii has so far outsold Sony's PlayStation 3 by a large margin since their launches late last year as Nintendo's strategy to expand the gaming population by offering easy-to-play but innovative games has proved a big success.

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purin4099d ago

I remember when it was #1 a few weeks ago

ShadoWulf4099d ago

Uh, what? Nintendo has never been this high in the stocks- and how the heck would they have beaten Toyota? Toyota is the current leader with 3X Nintendo's share. There is no way Nintendo was once up there and dropped so far, especially with the success of the Wii and DS.

Please don't make things up.

purin4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

I'm not making things up
I remember weeks ago on this very site there was a post about Nintendo being #1 in value in Japan
My memory usually serves me well, but I'll try to go search it down right now (just to be sure)
{edit: I just looked on this site and yahoo for about 15 min. trying to find the article. I was probably remembering this story:
An apology is clearly in order, since it was an exaggeration of the facts; therefore, I am truly sorry that I offended you, other N4G goers, and the prinicples of gaming comradery}

ItsDubC4099d ago

Whoever predicted that the Wii would be a runaway success before its release and acted on that prediction must be very happy right now. I personally wouldn't have had the confidence nor a decent amount of funds to invest back then.

djt234099d ago

go nintendo
go nintendo