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Mirror’s Edge 2 Canned, Electronic Arts May be Back to Their Old Tricks

It has been announced that Electronic Arts looked at DICE’s prototype for Mirror’s Edge 2 and immediately shut down production of the title. This has me worried about the future of EA. (Culture, Industry, Mirror's Edge 2, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Fir3truck  +   1745d ago
I really liked the first game this sucks but they might bring it back like Activion is going to bring back Guitar Hero.
TheStonedSheep  +   1745d ago
This saddens me but EA is a bsuiness if a product doesn't sell, they won't make a second, and video games are no different.
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1745d ago
Damn, thanks EA! /s
VersusEM  +   1745d ago
then whats the deal w/ dead space 2?
TheIneffableBob  +   1745d ago
EA saw the potential to make Dead Space a more appealing game to the mainstream. It was also easier to do so since it's a third-person shooter. Mirror's Edge, on the other hand, is a first-person platformer at its core. Sure, you could give the game a heavier emphasis on shooting and add in multiplayer, but at that point is it still Mirror's Edge?
TheStonedSheep  +   1744d ago
Like a said: they are a business, I'm pretty sure that DS sold more than ME, but anyway.

EA doesn't have unlimited funds so tough decisions have to be made, I'm sure they weren't thinking "Muhahaha, gamers will be SO angry at us", no, they cut funding because they obviously thought that they wouldn't make a profit or would make a larger profit elsewhere.

Does that make them evil? No, not at all. They are business people, not gamers, it isn't their responsibility to provide ME2; it's their responsibility to create profit for their shareholders.

It's all about supply and demand. Demand for ME wasn't high enough, and EA thought demand for ME2 was not high enough either so there wasn't any supply, simple as.
Seferoth75  +   1744d ago
When EA looked at Dead space 2 it didnt completely suck?

I love how EA is instantly the enemy but nobody knows the condition of the game they showed off.

Red Steel 2 had the same thing happen. When Ubisoft saw the first images of the game they pulled it from that developer and gave it to another which started completely over on the game.

This is nothing new and doesnt mean EA is the devil. Maybe they just didnt think the game was good enough and will pay another dev to start from scratch sometime soon
koehler83  +   1745d ago
That's business.

Besides, if it was a matter of sales, they wouldn't have bothered prototyping at all. They weren't happy with the direction and it was stopped. It's probably better off for everyone.

Chances are they'll go back to it with another director when something fresh gets pitched.
nnotdead  +   1745d ago
ME did sell well. over 2 million not counting dd like Steam and what not. i think it has more to do with want Dice to stay focus on other projects. also finding a way to add mp would also be difficult.
maxcavsm  +   1745d ago
God damnit, I actually liked Mirror's Edge. Looks like they're going the way of Activision and cutting down anything that isn't a billion dollar seller.
Shok  +   1745d ago
Damn. I was really hopin for a sequel. I really enjoyed the first game, it's one of my favorite games this gen.
AmigoSniped  +   1745d ago
I never played Mirror's Edge so this is kind of people like me that caused this.
Lavalamp  +   1745d ago
I'm confused. I've been hearing mixed things about this. Some claim it's been canned, while others thinks development has only been put on hold. I'd really appreciate some clarification.
tdogchristy90  +   1745d ago
I would like clarification as well. But personally it sounds like it just on hold. I guess all we can do is wait and see.
smashman98  +   1745d ago
lol ea cancels one game and theyre automatically like activision lmao

dont get me wrong mirrors edge was amazing but i doubt this means theyre like activision
Urmomlol  +   1745d ago
They canned the sequel to a really bad game with zero potential for growth and they're going the way of Activision?

Wow, did someone drop you on your head as a baby or something or are you just an idiot?

Seriously, just quit this journalism thing because you clearly don't have the common sense needed to even be mediocre at it.
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radphil  +   1745d ago
"They canned the sequel to a really bad game with zero potential"

Way to not even state why YOU think it was a bad game.
blahblah  +   1745d ago
if you think game is bad, look how many people enjoyed it. if you search youtube you find so many videos it is crazy.

but then again, all people who did campaign and didn't give speed runs any chance missed the game completely
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1745d ago
I'd do the same if I wanted all my resource focused on one title, and not create any competition with multiple projects. Does this make me Activision?
FlyWestbrook  +   1745d ago
nevin1  +   1745d ago
I think I enjoyed the demo back in 2008.
flappersack  +   1745d ago
Picking up take two? Where the fuck does this writer get his info?
wallis  +   1745d ago
It's a shit system where a game developer of a massive long standing extremely popular multiplayer game with about five or six entries in the franchise along doesn't have the right to develop what it wants, when it wants.

IO interactive is allowed to make Kane and Lynch 2 while hitman goes unloved, but DICE has to kill off mirror's edge 2? Games are a harsh mistress.
Killzone3___  +   1745d ago
2 years and they still don't have any ideas , if i were them i would have put mirror edge in a age of no weapons , only sword and stuff like that , i have great idea but i can't make a game ...

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