The 7 Worst PlayStation3 Endings Ever

When you’ve spent hours and hours battling the alien invasion, stopping the communist threat, saving the president and sneaking through Mr Big’s base before shooting him in the heart with a tranquilizer dart, you expect more than a game over screen for your efforts.

Even so, a game over screen would be better than some of the confusing, illogical or miserable attempts at endings we’re served up these days. Here are seven of the absolute worst…

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dc12593d ago

All games listed in the write up appear to be multiplatform titles.

..Enslave had a 'drop you in the middle' kind of story with WTF?!? type of ending. I would have loved to see Trip and Monkey walking away.. (Don’t want to give the ending away for folks that didn’t have a chance to play the game).

jeseth2593d ago

Bad Article.

All multiplats. Poor Title.

faysal2593d ago

fix your title there all multiplat games.

GameSectorNet2593d ago

Indeed, worst "PlayStation 3" endings? Really?

Have you not played Assassin's Creed II? Most of what was said in Assassin's Creed makes sense. Perhaps you just didn't get it.

gypsygib2593d ago

I thought Enslaved ending was very good, and better than most games

facelike2593d ago

Being better than most still doesn't mean good.

We should, as gamers, stand up and fight for good stories, and if we do not get one, we should not support that game!!!!


Nevermind that last part, damn black panther in me coming out again.

gypsygib2592d ago

Yeah, then the only game I could play would be the MGS series. Seriously though, gaming has some fairly good stories or at least gaming has some great dialogue.

devilhunterx2593d ago

So will the Top 7 worst Xbox2 endings be the same list?

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