Kane & Lynch: Dead Men: Night Club & Multi-Floor Rampage Gameplay

Kane and Lynch interrupt a night club packed with dancing people,follow by the intense shootout through multiple levels of this office building.

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BloodySinner3950d ago

Is it just me or do the visuals look ugly? I watched the HD videos and I was not impressed.

BigPappaPump3949d ago

F.E.A.R was no eye candy but it was still a fun game. This game looks like it has potential. Let's wait for the final version.

MK_Red3949d ago

Lynch is AWESOMELY crazy. The game might not look that good or special but the story and characters are certainly impressive. Also, the Michael Mann feel ROCKS.

Noodlecup3949d ago

The visuals and overall effects in this game are very good, strobe lighting, dozens of people on-screen, nice lighting effects, textures and model detail with no hitch in the framerate is a good thing. Halo 3 is ugly as sin but the hype machine still probably makes you go out and buy it.

Kane and Lynch singleplayer >>> Halo 3's singleplayer

hell... the darkness and R6 Vegas' singleplayer is better than Halo 3's.

HeartlesskizZ3949d ago

This game will shut lots of peoples mouth for bashing it so early.

OutLaw3949d ago

This Game looks good. But I think the clips were taken from the 360 version. I saw other clips of the game and it displayed the green A Button of the 360. I'm definitely getting this game.

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