Wireless Rock Band guitar crashes through FCC's gates

While there's no indication that they got the game to test it with, the folks at the FCC did at least get to spend a bit of time with the new wireless guitar for the PS3 version of Rock Band, which is more than enough to make us a tad envious. Somewhat interestingly, the guitar looks to come bundled with a fairly unassuming-looking dongle (check it out after the break), which would seem to be unnecessary if the guitar used Bluetooth, as some had previously speculated. Otherwise, the FCC filing looks to be about as standard as they come, complete with a snippet of the manual, a slew of test reports, and a few shots of the guitar's innards thrown in for good measure (click on through for a glimpse of that).

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americanGTA4095d ago

Can they make this work with the previous GHs on ps3? no? dang.

Syko4095d ago

It seems like Bluetooth just isn't precise enough when it comes to rythm games. That is why they have to go with the infrared wireless dongle. Sucks that it uses 2AA batteries also. If you could charge the internal battery like on the Six-Axis that would have been a huge advantage over the 360 wired version. But as it sits now I would rather have the wired with as much as I play GH and soon RB

herculese14095d ago

i really cant imagine them shipping the guitar with that usb dongle looking like that. To me that looks way to generic and would bet that it will indeed use the bluetooth and not require that thing to play the gamewhen it is released.

Snukadaman4095d ago

and the 360 gets a wireless version too syko..i just hope that ugly dongle aint on it...yikes.

Syko4095d ago

Yeah we get wireless and it uses MS wireless technology so it will be amazing...However we get the wired guitar when it comes to the $200 Rock Band bundle and also our wireless guitar is $20 more than the PS3 guitar but after seeing this it might not be as bad as it once sounded. Big ol' dongles hanging off of the USB ports kinda sucks....

I will try to find the article that was talking about the dongle being the infrared receiver since Bluetooth wasn't accurate enough for either company.(Red Octane or Harmonix)

kornbeaner4095d ago

where do you see that it has been confirmed????

Wheres your link cause there is no mention of it being needed in this article.

Shankle4095d ago

I'm fairly pissed about this whole guitar controller situation. I've got GH1 and 2 on the ps2, and all i want is a simple transition to ps3 so i can flog off my ps2!! I can't use my PS2 controllers because of some unidentifiable compatibility issues, so I need to get 2 new ones. Already off to a bad start.
Now I know i can play Rock Band with the GH3 guitars but as far as I know, I can't use the Rock band guitars with any GH game. There would be no problem here if the GH3 controllers didn't look like absolute crap. Everyone and their mum knows the rock band guitars are better. And i don't even know if the GH3 controllers will work with GH1 and 2! This is ridiculous! I may end up just getting the PS2 versions.

Adamalicious4094d ago

I'm just going to get GH3 for the PS2 and Rock Band for the PS3. If I can use the RB controllers for GH3 I might re-buy it for PS3, but if not I won't.

Who wants to use GH controllers for RB? Not me.