The Amazing Spider-Man: Let the Tie-In Game Speculation Begin!

Warp Zoned writes:

"After months of speculation, Sony Pictures has finally revealed that the new Spider-Man movie will be known as The Amazing Spider-Man. While Spider-Man game publisher Activision didn’t weigh on this momentous news, a game adaptation is surely in development. But what might it entail?"

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Relientk772655d ago

It's a movie game, chances are it will be bad

GiantJedi2655d ago

Or Superbad...get it cause of your....nevermind

Relientk772655d ago

Bubbles up for terrible/bad humor lol

HolyOrangeCows2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I doubt will see another Spiderman 2 caliber game any time soon. That was the 1-in-a-million of the movie tie-ins, making our chances pretty slim for the future.
Then again, chance isn't technically accumulative with the past.

I sure HOPE we see a good Spiderman game, but it will take a lot of effort that a movie tie-in isn't likely to get.

VenomProject2655d ago

"The Amazing Spider-Man" eh? So does that mean the movie will share more in common with the comics of the same name?

This intrigues me.

sp1deynut2655d ago

...I'm not interested. Shattered Dimensions was severely hampered by the crappy camera and limited webswinging. Web of Shadows was a far superior game.

KingJFS2655d ago

Bubbles my friend. Bobby Kotick can kiss my ass, Web of Shadows didn't suck.