Bizarre Creations Shutting Their Doors on Friday

The developers behind such projects as Project Gotham Racing and the much under-appreciated Blur are being closed down by Activision, not sold.

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SwampCroc2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

as one of the top 200 on the Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved Leaderboards I am saddened by this article.. Well, in general people losing their jobs is sad. and these people definitely made good games. Another reason to solidify why relations with Activision isn't recommended.

and I was trying to get ahold of the guys to talk about upgrades to G Wars. like statistical stuff. like how many points before you used a bomb, or how many points before you lost 1 life in certain modes, total gates gone through, total amount of geos(the green multipliers)... stuff like that... but now it won't be possible... ah, my dreams shattered...

either way if any of the developers that lost their job read this.... then please find a new company. I wish you luck in that! and try and envision and create a game that is superior to Geometry Wars... even though I know it will be tough...

sorry... rant over. I just have ideas... I really, really love that game. I seriously think I am up there on most logged hours playing.

Maddens Raiders2590d ago

cares? people lose their jobs everyday. Get over it, they'll find well paying jobs or make them.

vishant1012590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

its not about peps losing jobs its about the gaming industry losing a quality dev

i luvd pgr

unknownhero11232590d ago

i'll remember what you said when you lose a job you love, a job where you had great co-workers to work with and memories that go with it. Also, what makes you so sure that everyone that lost thier job will find another one? compassion, not available to heartless morons who only see numbers instead of souls.

nskrishna22590d ago

Remember these words when you lose a job. People like you make me sick

ReservoirDog3162590d ago

Don't be so hard on him/her/it. He/She/It is probably just a kid that has no idea how hard it is on adults to lose their jobs.

Either way, hope these guys the best of luck. Hopefully someone realizes the talent activision's throwing away and picks them up.

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morkendo232590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

what'd??? no more champion of norrath??? DAMN u craptivision. bobby kotex up ur nose and smell it deeply. or is blizzard who make CHAMPION OF NORRATH??

Hitman07692590d ago

That's crap, hopefully the people behind the company start up a new company and recover.

SwampCroc2590d ago

that's what I was telling my friend on a backroad just the other day... like if I were them just start over with the same guys... but I mean realistically that has to be kinda hard... not all developers probably have money just sitting around to invest in a business venture.... but man if I had the talent and ambition to do it I would do it...

blazsox2590d ago

It's just a shame that Activision never really took the steps to promote their work.

AndrewE2590d ago

i really loved Blur and PGR city scape themed arcade racing of PGR

Frenza2589d ago

Blur was something special. Just a shame that it got overlooked by most people.

DaBadGuy2590d ago

What is going on! Activision has been on the warpath the past two weeks, shutting down studios left and right, cancelling Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk, opening a new studio for CoD and MAYBE looking to pick up Take Two?

I really hope they don't get their hands on Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead, Bioshock, etc. They killed Guitar Hero, they are killing CoD.

Nothing good can come from Bobby getting GTA.

blazsox2590d ago

Take Two fought EA's takeover. While it is claimed Take Two is talking to Activision, I doubt we'll see a merger between them and Activision. Take Two financially is worth more than they were when EA attempted a takeover.

However stranger things have happened.

DarkBlood2590d ago

doesnt rockstar publish grand theft auto or something?

palaeomerus2590d ago

Take 2 does. Rockstar is a Dev Studio.

PhinneousD2590d ago

Kotick is a ginger.. what do u expect from a person without a soul?

RockmanII72590d ago

Hopefully MS hires a good chunk of the workers like they did when Pandemic got shut down.


Yeah, definetelly want to see MS go back to joining some talent and open more studios. I've been more of a PS3 guy this gen, but last gen the Xbox rocked, it was an amazing console filled with amazing exclusive games.

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