IGN: PlayStation Eye Hands-on

The Eye of Judgment is set to ship on October 23 exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game is special in that it requires the PlayStation Eye to play it, though luckily said device will be included in the package. The successor to the PlayStation 2's EyeToy, the PlayStation Eye is Sony's webcam device that will allow you to interact with your games in ways that a standard controller can not, like using your whole body to play a game.

We received a couple builds of The Eye of Judgment in the office today along with a couple PlayStation Eyes for testing purposes. While we've had numerous chances in the past to play the game, we hadn't yet had the ability to run the PlayStation Eye through its paces, so that's exactly what we did.

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DrWan4073d ago

In terms of still pictures, i don't think there was much of a difference between eye toy and PS eye, and in fact, in some aspect, PS eye looks worst. Now u guys all know i am an avid PS3 fan, so I am not bashinhg and I hope they will fix alot of this in firmware update, some of this problems are definately software base.

Now, i saw the specs for PS Eye on paper and it was really good in terms of moving image, i still have high hopes of PS eye in 'action', and not just still pic, i heard the framerate on the receiving end will be 60fps solid.

nasim4073d ago

expect EYE OF JUDGEMENT to sell a lot of copies.

It would be a big hit in JAPAN for sure

cheatmaster284073d ago

How does it look worse? Its shiny and sexy man! Plus it is diffent because it can record videos onto your HDD and edit them plus it can take pics.


The close distance focus is pretty bad, but I notice that the longer distance (the dude picture) picture got better quality. Well, we'll just have to wait for the final product.

games4fun4073d ago

but i am not going to shell out that much dough for a card game. i just cant see myself buying booster packs all the time to compete with other people although it looks cool and i am sure it will sell tons if not in software sales but in extra pack sales. I just dont have the dough, need to save it for folklore,ratchet/clank,ut3,haz e,uncharted,mgs4,ff13 ill be lucky to get four of those.

Percy4073d ago

It's really not just a card game it comes packaged with a card game. Thats like saying you wouldn't buy a extra wii mote because it comes packaged with a game and the game happens to be crap.

LeonSKennedy4Life4073d ago

Why does the "Eye" look a lot worse?

Are they sure they got it the right way?

mentalboy114073d ago

i think you get used to it after a while. im going to buy the stand alone version so i can:
A. Record my guitar sessions
B. Use it as a mic
C. Use it as a webcam/mic at the same time

the best part is recording in 640x480 at 60 FPS.

whateva4073d ago

The PSEYE has auto-focus and I think they was moving the PSEye when they took the picture.

and why did they say that the eyetoy didn't have a mic when I know damn well that it has a mic because I have one and I recorded video with it and it has sound.

sumfood4u4073d ago

It will be perfect for pre~halloween! Go eye toy i look forwards to u these holidays!

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The story is too old to be commented.