Gamer Sector Review - VANQUISH (PlayStation 3)

There is something crudely ironic about the fact that the independent Japanese development studio Platinum Games was born from the closure of Capcom’s much admired Clover Studio. The team which migrated from Clover’s ashes to form Platinum Games had managed to produce some of the most commercially unviable games in recent memory. Yet whether it was the Zelda-trouncing pastel canvas of Ōkami or the comic book-styled throwback to 16 bit beat-em-ups that was Viewtiful Joe, Clover Studios quickly garnered a reputation for making inventive, niche titles which bombed financially.

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showtimefolks2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

i wish sega would do a bit better advertisement

Vinushka2833d ago

Best game of last year... actually, it's the best game this gen.


ThanatosDMC2833d ago

Best to play on hard mode when beginning the game. Too easy on normal mode but them you'll hit a wall when you fight a Jehuty. Just gotta fight him smarter and win, and everything becomes gravy again.

aaronobst2833d ago

Awesome game but the dialouge and script made me want to pull off my own thumbs

HacSawJimThugin2833d ago

What a beast!!! Wish they would of gave us some DLC tho:(