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"To say that the Final Fantasy series, running since 1987, is popular, is a bit of an understatement. The series has reportedly sold over 97 million units worldwide, and has dozens of video-game, movie, comic, and book tie-ins. The main (numbered) series reached fourteen last year with the release of the MMO Final Fantasy XIV, which had a lukewarm reception. The Final Fantasy series is interesting in that each "volume" doesn't relate to the previous game: each entry takes place in a new world, generally fantasy or science-fantasy, with new characters and a new plot. The only exceptions to this rule are 2003's Final Fantasy X-2, a direct sequel to Final Fantasy X, and upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2, a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII."

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stephmhishot2657d ago

Light <3

Isn't it funny now how the Japanese are being blamed for being out of touch after there was all that talk from SE about how 13 was going to be catered toward the casual end of the Western audience?

Then the game is one of the best selling in the series and apparently fulfills its focus (eh eh eh) of appealing to that casual audience, but since the game was disappointing to hardcore gamers and reviewers, its because the Japanese are out of touch?

I fail to see how A led to B and then somehow skipped to T.

imoutofthecontest2657d ago


Way to write a synopsis of the Final Fantasy series and pass it off as a "preview" of a game we know almost nothing about and is 9-10 months away from release. Now watch the hits roll in. Great job.


StarCSR2657d ago

I was thinking the same thing! :)

zeddy2657d ago

ff13 put me to sleep on many occasions and im not even kidding. ff10x2 was also dull and i got excited over that too so i wont be making the same mistake.

Visari2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

My friend wondered what FF13 was like so to describe it to him, I took a hotdog and threw it down the hallway.

I may need 2 hotdogs to explain this one.

vudu2657d ago

heh! I can't think of a better way to explain it. +bubbles

Visari2656d ago

It's also how I told him his girlfriend was cheating on him.

Masterchef20072657d ago

I was expecting a preview of the actual game. But not this

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