New EGM Scores - Stranglehold, Skate, Fifa 08

The Latest EGM scores (issue 221):

MP 3 (Wii): 9 (Mark), 8.5 (Shane), 8.5 (Jeremy)-Game of the Month (Tie)
Mercury Revolution Meltdown(Wii)- 8 (Nick), 6 (A. Fitch), 7.5 (Jenn Frank)
NBA Live 08(Ps3/360): 6.5 (Bryan), 6.5 (Todd), 7.5 (Garnett)
Stranglehold(360 reviewed)- 7.5 (Joe), 8 (Matt), 7.5 (G. Ford)
NHL 2k8 (Also reviewed on 360):4 (Bryan), 5 (Demian), 6 (G. Sewart)
Fifa 08(PS3/360): 9 (Todd), 9 (John), 8 (Andrew P.)-Game of the Month (Tie)
Skate (PS3/360): 9 (Nick), 8 (Jennifer), 6.5 (Todd)
Flatout: Ultimate Carnage (360): 9 (Greg Sewart), 8 (John), 7.5 (Gord)
Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck (DS): 8 (Michael), 6 (Nick), 8 (John)
Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS): 8 (Milky), 9 (Jeremy), 9 (Shane)-Game of the Month (Tie)
FF Tactics: The Lion War (PSP): 8.5 (Jeremy), 8.5 (Milky), 8 (Shoe)
Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow (PSP): 8 (A. Fitch), 8 (Brooks), 6.5 (Nick)
Castlevania: The dracula X Chronicles (PSP): 8 (Jeremy), 9 (Shane), 8 (Mark)
Star Wars Battlefront-Renegade Squadron(PSP)- 6 (Shoe), 7 (Skip), 6 (Michael)
Hot PXL (PSP)- 5.5 (Nick), 5.5 (Shane), 6 (Jennifer)

Plus details of previews and rumours after the link.

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TheMART3678d ago

I don't get the low score of Todd on Skate. Really. IGN gave it a 9.0 (360 version at least without the jaggies that the PS3 has), the others review it @ EGM on a 9 and 8. Where did that 6.5 came from? He doesn't like sport games?

Anyone that has EGM issue in his hands and can read/give info on it? Pretty curious about it.

Danielson3678d ago

mart i have the ps3 demo and i didn't notice any jaggies, but i get what your saying with Todds score because every other review that i have read gave it a 8 on higher. But honesty there is no differnece between the ps3 and 360 versions of the game, anyways if you don't believe me you could probably find a side by side comparison.

bootsielon3677d ago

There are no jaggies on the PS3 version. You couldn't even know since you haven't played it.

nanometric3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Wasn't there an article which said that PS3 version is actually better?

EDIT: Here we go

xg-ei8ht3677d ago

What about the poor filtering the 360 has.

And yes i've played both.

TheMART3677d ago

Guys why are you ignoring the truth that IGN has stated themselves???

360 version 9.0
PS3 version 8.8

And the 0.2 was because of framerate problems/jaggies. You can cry it is not that way but it is.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

yup i would give fifa a 8.7 total itsan awsome game u have to play it for a whileto get used to it fifa rocks...... PES demo is in the XBL EU but its so bad to fast arcady and they lost my respect for this year.. FIFA all the WAY.. IGN UK is baised so they give bad scores..

Kratchet3678d ago

I hope the scores come in for PES so i can finally end this conflict between the two games. I'm TORN.

beans3677d ago

I played the demo of strangle hold and enjoyed the heck out of it! I don't understand why they scored it so low even if the multiplayer sucked! I seriously wish there was a way to review games once completed on the consoles so that we could get rid of these stupid reviews that come out from these sites!

Genki3677d ago

You've played the game right? You seem to think it's better than that, so someone else's score is inconsequential.

Why do you need a good rating to feel secure about a game you already enjoy?

nix3677d ago

just ignore that PoS. no point!

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