Guitar Hero Failed Without Heavy Metal

Activision recently announced that it will no longer be producing any more Guitar Hero games. How did a game that was a huge revenue driver and actually pretty fun end up in the scrap heap?

The Guitar Hero series was trying so hard to please everyone that it alienated the fans that made the game great in the first place. In an effort to find wider appeal, the series abandoned its hard rock roots.

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maverick8782711d ago

Guitar Hero with Taylor Swift songs was just plain wrong.

jbl3162711d ago

I actually like Taylor Swift's music. But she's not the type of artist I would play Guitar Hero with.

Unlike Metallica! Orion is my favorite song to play. The bass track is epic!

CommonCent2711d ago

Rock band does it right. Release a new title for major additions keep the songs DLC.

kneon2710d ago

I've found that the songs that ship with Rockband have mostly been lame, but the DLC is good, the songs that ship with GH have mostly been good, with the DLC mostly being lame

Bathyj2711d ago

I would pay $300 for a Guitar Hero : Guns N Roses.

If only that were possible.

El_Colombiano2711d ago

I never understood why this didn't happen.

koehler832711d ago

I'm sure it's due to licensing battles within the band. I recall Axl making a stink over Slash' involvement in GH3, particularly regarding the use of Welcome to the Jungle.

Personally I'm holding out for a Rush based music game. With the introduction of the keyboard to RB, seems like the perfect time. Although Warriors of Rock having secured the rights to 2112 (if exclusive) would be a crushing blow to the concept.

LordStig2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

because Axl Rose is a wanker that's why it didn't happen.

What would've been good is live recordings instead of studio versions. Playing Whole lotta Rosie by ACDC at tushino airfield in 1991 or playing the entire set of Metallica live shit binge purge in Seattle 1989. An entire untapped resource there completely glanced over.

SoapShoes2711d ago

YES! That would be an awesome game. Looks like we'll have to go for a Rock Band Guns N' Roses. Either way, I don't care. They even released all of Chinese Democracy on Rock Band and they could easily compile that, Appetite, Lies, and Use Your Illusions into it's own game.

house2711d ago

lordstig you sir are a genius i would love playing that live set list of metallica

DaBadGuy2711d ago

Hell yes.

If it happens it'll be with Rock Band, but if it does happen I'd prefer Appetite, Lies and Illusion as DLC rather than a game because the actual band featured in the game wouldn't be the Guns N Roses we know, it would be Axl, of course, but then DJ Ashba, Bumblefoot, Richard Fortus, Tommy Stinson, etc. and I must admit.....I have no idea who any of those guys are, except for Axl.

At least Buckethead is instantly recognizeable because like Slash, he looks unique, except instead of a tophat it's a mask and KFC bucket.

So I'd prefer the albums as DLC rather than a game because it just wouldn't be pretty. Hell I'd take the Live Era album if nothing else, at least that's something.

earbus2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Needed more steve vai ,satriani ,buckethead,dime bag and maiden these guys are guitar heroes.

Shmotz2711d ago

Guitar Hero needed Brain Drill.

Same applies to Rock Band.

LightofDarkness2711d ago

While I appreciate brutal death and mathcore (the virtuosity is undeniable), adding things like this would only serve to further alienate the fans. This music is too extreme for most, as they can't really keep up with the complexity and simply hear a lot of fast moving noise, especially if there's a lack of any sort of recognizable melody.

seinfan2711d ago

They sound awful. Listen to All Shall Perish. They actually make music and not just random noise.

Shmotz2709d ago

There's about three deathcore bands that dont make me want to gouge out my eyes. All Shall Perish isn't one of them.

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