Should Microsoft Counter the Xperia PLAY?

Recently, a new contender has entered the mobile ring -- Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. Microsoft's mobile OS is off to a great start and already features some integration with Xbox LIVE. A gaming-focused smartphone built on the budding OS, branded with the Xbox name could be a hot sell. Especially here in America where the Xbox 360 has been selling significantly more consoles than Nintendo or Sony.

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doctorstrange2469d ago

More physical controls in phones, they lead to far better game experiences

Sev2469d ago

It just makes sense for Microsoft to bring all their entertainment options into one device.

TheDivine2469d ago

for sure id like a white psp go like w7 phone that could play xbox 1 games like kotor jade empire fable and halo. Add in 4g the xbl and indy games and id take that over a psp phone. That would be killer. Id like a w7 phone anyways but il go for buttons anyday.

NJShadow2469d ago

At first I was nearly certain that the Xperia was going to blow folks out of the water, but it's all in how they market it. Unfortunately, I don't know if Sony and Verizon are going to push it as hard as I was anticipating, especially with the NGP around the corner (sorta). In the end, the primary device is going to be a PHONE with app capabilities. And since most phones nowadays are capable of playing casual, portable games, this is gonna be tough.

UltimateIdiot9112469d ago

I'm not too happy that it's going to be Verizon. So no matter the amount of marketing, I refuse to switch to Verizon.

But I can't see the Play being a common handheld either. I see the NGP succeeding since I rather have a dedicated gaming device and a dedicated smartphone.

dalehitchy2469d ago

its a shame that its a single core processor... i was soooo phyched for this phone but with tegra 2 phones coming out this year.... xperia play will be outdated straight away, and other phones will be able to easily out do it graphics wise..

ShadowJetX2469d ago

I'll give it to for graphics, but what about gameplay? Surely dedicated play buttons beats a twitchy ass crappy touch screen any day right?

hoops2469d ago

MS would be wise to avoid making a xbox branded handset.
Let LG, Samsung, HTC and now Nokia make such a gaming handset.

FrigidDARKNESS2469d ago

did you know that MS and Nokia merged together and they already have the Windows phone 7

hoops2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Yes, thats why I mentioned Nokia in my post ;-)
Will Nokia make a XBOX BRANDED HANDSET with controls? Who knows. However, MS themselves should not make it and have its partners do it if thats in the cards.
Nokia teaming with Win Phone 7 is a win IMO as Nokia makes some of the best hardware for phones period.
They just sucked at the software end.

VonAlbrecht2469d ago

Actually, Microsoft SHOULD make it. Have you SEEN the ZuneHD? It's a goddamn beast. Seeing the windows phones that were done by other manufacturers, some of them were done really well (The Omnia II, the Focus, the Dell Venue Pro), but if Microsoft had made it in-house, we would have seen a truly outstanding project, assuming that the same minds behind the ZuneHD's design were involved.

Stealth20k2469d ago

no they shouldnt because in the end it doesnt matter

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The story is too old to be commented.