Top 10 Next-Gen Video Game Couples

From the feature editorial:

"Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. You either love it to no end as you spend it with your loved one, or loathe its very creation. No matter which way you lean, however, there’s always room to admire a well-balanced couple in a video game. So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2011 in our own special gamer way, we’ve chosen our favorite twosomes on the video game front, no matter how unlikely they seem or if they want to kill each other at first."

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UltimaEnder2864d ago

Of all-time would be Mario/Luigi, agree with number one for "next-gen" video game couples...

Yi-Long2864d ago

Ilo & Milo, from (surprise) ilomilo!

The whole game is about bringing those two together. It's an awesome game, an awesome couple, and cute as hell.

Also Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl deserve a mention for sheer originality. Brilliant game as well.

Urmomlol2864d ago

Of all the Valentine's Day articles that have been published lately, this one is by far one of the worst.

plb2864d ago

Drake/Cloe (is that right?)

Relientk772864d ago

That's the couple I would have said

Drake and Chloe well and Drake and Elena too

Nathan Drake is a P.I.M.P.

ultimate-remag2864d ago

this list is gay... no disrespect

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The story is too old to be commented.