PSU attends Disney's Magical Blu-ray Tour

PlayStation 3 shown as one of the best and most affordable Blu-ray players on the market. Also PSU had the chance to play some of the new BD-Java features and games on a few upcoming Disney Blu-ray titles.

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Captain Tuttle4100d ago

It's a hell of a Blu-Ray player.

Barreldragon004100d ago

And the PS2 was one hell of a DVD player.

Naruto4100d ago

the PS3 is a game console

Kyur4ThePain4100d ago

Game Console, Media Server, Blu-Ray Player.
People should just accept that it can do a lot of things very well, and move on.

Rageaholic4100d ago

Is a pda pager phone Alot of ppl use it.

If there was no market for multi functional unit why would xbox allow an hd-dvd addon, or streaming videos

jaja14344100d ago

Bah, this isn't an anti-blu-ray thing but why did they use java. I mean java is great for many things, but its horrible for this kind of software. Its like using an 18 wheeler to move a rocking chair. Again this is not a flame against blu-ray as I'm sure someone will take it be, just an observation from a CS major...

Lord Anubis4100d ago

You are a Comptuer Science student and yet you are telling us that Java is a horrible language for Graphic User interface? You should tell that to Solaris Operating System
or the java "Three-dimensional user interfaces"

perhaps it would be best to take other languages to increase your scope on other High level Programmable languages.

jaja14344100d ago

No I said it was horrible for a DVD interface, not for a general GUI. For a DVD interface something such as HD-DVD HDi is much better. At least for what I've read about it. And as I said before, java is to program heavy for a DVD interface. Almost anything else, yea java is best.

Lord Anubis4100d ago

Blu-ray interface is a GUI interface, what java brings to the table is a well known language that gives you the liberty to program anything in the disc. a game or whatever you please.

iHD is Microsoft's approach to user interface. I don't know what you read but make sure they don't mislead you.

jaja14344100d ago

Nah I wasn't misled and while I will admit that Java does bring with it some good things, that which it brings is also a drawback.

Because Java is more mature and complex it can require more code that is really necessary. The article I read, granted its paramount so its to be taken with a grain of salt,
mentioned that it could require up 100 lines of code where iHD(in this case) would require only 1 line.

Now 100 lines of code isn't anything major by any extent, but this is the cost of how Java's robustness. And, from my limited knowledge of DVD/HD-DVD programming, it just does not seem necessary to use something as sophisticated as Java when something simpler could be used.

Either way, nice chat though.

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Lord Anubis4100d ago

I really want finding nemo on blu-ray.

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