New Metal Gear Solid Online Gameplay Footage

From TGS, new gameplay footage of Metal Gear Solid Online.

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risk3804d ago

bots suck but who cares, your never going to play with them anyways. and the person playing is also very bad. (almost as bad as a bot)

CaptainMeatwad3804d ago

this has been on Gametrailers for a while, its not really new...


socomnick3804d ago

Seems like playstation controller sucks for this game. Every video I have seen of mgs online is wack . MGS 4 surely wont disappoint though.

Smoove8083804d ago

How'd this get posted.......This has nothing to do with Halo.

Spike473804d ago

this game looks nice, hopefully the controllers suck cause they're still working on it, and soon they'll fix it.

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