Inspired Halo case mod rocks our world

This Halo Xbox 360 case mod is the result of two months of graft and dedication - and the results speak for themselves.

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risk3980d ago

if that RROD'd will they get the casemod back? ;o

Blackmoses3980d ago

you know what??? I'm not gonna even try....that's sexy as hell!!!!!!!

Ol' Boy spent a minute on that one...that looks real hott. I wonder if he could do one for Killzone 2 with the PS3? Or maybe Metroid for the Wii, he'd make a killing if they found a way to mass market this with various themes for each console.

Ri0tSquad3980d ago

sucks if it gets the RROD tho.

Mr VideoGames3980d ago

*gasps and drops his Xbox 360 Controller and it shatters every where*

Nth RooCH3980d ago

So he stuck two masterchief figurines to the side with silly glue and mounted it on a Warhammer board. Give me a freaking break. The 360 laptop? Inspired. The Xbox1 that is no bigger than a miniPS1, inspired. Some dude with too many toys and a bit of glue? What a joke.

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