Killzone 3 Singleplayer Review (El33tonline)

Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"As videogames become bigger, badder and more… blockbuster, we can almost come to expect certain levels of quality from these massive productions. Gameplay mechanics and hidden systems will be honed and hammered out to near-perfection, the visuals will be top-notch, and production values will be through the roof… but there are still things that these multi-million dollar extravaganzas are able to get wrong, and even if everything else is perfectly in place, overall presentation and pacing can trip up the show and turn what may have otherwise been a stellar ‘spectacular-spectacular’ into a tedious ‘regular-regular.’"

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LOGICWINS2653d ago

Awesome review, can't wait ta get this later on in the year.

OliverKO2653d ago

Thanks! I thought it was a fantastic game, just marred.