Rumor: WB to announce Mortal Kombat HD Kollection tomorrow

According to a Rumor published on, WB and Netherrealm studios are getting ready to announce, the long rumored, Mortal Kombat HD arcade Kollection.

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SuperStrokey11232653d ago

This would be awesome, loved MK2, best in the series imo.

strugler2652d ago

yeah it took one day for this story to be apporoved

Ri0tSquad2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Although it's a really bad port of the game. I'm looking forward to seeing how the console versions turn out. Hopefully they don't mess with the gameplay too much.

UMK3 on iPad

zero_cool2652d ago

That's one hell of a eye sore lmfao!

Edito2652d ago

If it turns out to be like in those images they better not release it cause those screens sucks in a very big way...

PirateThom2651d ago

I'm not sure what you're expecting from Mortal Kombat remakes. Remember how the game looks, now increase the resolution...

Ri0tSquad2651d ago

"Remember how the game looks, now increase the resolution."

Yeah, that's what you would expect but they changed the hitboxes of the characters on the iPad remake and if that's ANY indication of what could happen to the rumored remakes on consoles, then it can change how the game is played significantly. It'll be a different game, apart from it looking better.

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