Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Review [RPG Site]

It's ambitious to take a hugely influential game that helped to shape a whole genre and remake it, but more amazing than that is being able to then make what is without a doubt the definitive version of that title. Anyone who loves depth, difficulty and story in their RPGs owes it to themselves to play this.

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Seedhouse2290d ago

I'm pondering as to whether or not to buy this, seems to be receiving plenty of positive reviews!

AP2290d ago

Amazing game, seriously. So much PSP stuff right now though...

Cloudberry2290d ago

And Strategic JRPG to be exact...


Mystickay862290d ago

Buying it. I regrettably forgot the story and characters when I first time played it on SNES.

Can't wait, day 1 buy.

KozmoOchez2289d ago

I've been playing the past 2 days and I'm telling you, it is worth it.

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Herminator2290d ago

I haven't touched the Tactics Ogre games, but from the looks and description it sounds like the precursor to Final Fantasy Tactics, and that's definite plus.

(PS: "Let Us Cling Together" sounds more like a J-Pop song than a tactical RPG.)

AP2290d ago

Let Us Cling Together is a Queen song - that's what it's named after ;)

Redempteur2290d ago

if you enjoyed FFtactics , then there is no reason for you to dislike tactical ogre LUCT

KozmoOchez2289d ago

Yes if you enjoyed FFTactics, you will want to see the game that came before it, created by the same team.

I like this more than FFTactics already and its only been 2 days! It's a lot harder though but luckily there's that Chariot system that allows me to take a step back.

I'll say this: make sure you check the enemies flag before you attack, there have been times where I almost attacked a teammate because they all look alike aside from the story characters and enemies don't turn red like FFT

Sidology2290d ago

i want this so hardddddddddd.

densai2290d ago

me too man. only 1 more day to go though!

AP2290d ago

Or 11 if you're in Europe :(

densai2290d ago

PSP is an rpg POWERHOUSE right now. It is amazing.

AP2290d ago

It's almost all Square Enix, too, with a few exceptions. Hopefully this momentum carries on to the NGP.

Cloudberry2290d ago

Along with Nintendo DS, both of them are JRPG haven.

Albeit not in HD form, portable-handheld screens & speakers, I already get over it.

Karuto2290d ago

Great review! Very much looking forward to playing it!

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