CNET Halo 3 review - 'Halo 3 an Amazing Package'

Halo 3 has yet another review, and a very good one as well. This time by Geff Gerstmann at CNET. Another fantastic review you should be sure to read.

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Scrooge3774d ago

I liked it when IGN sayed that while no single element of this game is life-changing, the whole package together is. That might be a good way to describe this amazing title.

LeonSKennedy4Life3774d ago

I give up.

There's just no way to convince you guys that the game is an average, everyday shooter...

There really isn't...

tatotiburon3774d ago

is easier to sell a expensive console with no games

Double-Edged3774d ago

Who would want to listen to a crybaby like you?

nobizlikesnowbiz3774d ago

Thats because your like the one insane guy waving a sign in the street telling us all that something we know and love is garbage.

Of course were not going to listen to you. It's because your a biased idiot who hates it because you want to hate it.

Take the bandana off and go back to school turd.

IRONMAN_X573774d ago

lagbox is easier to sell with lots of games, yet they suck are targeted for non gamers (ah HALO), itsw back to WARHAWK

BloodySinner3774d ago

If you were actually having fun playing Warhawk, you wouldn't have posted at all.

Smoove8083774d ago

For all the people who can't seem to appreciate the franchise and give credit where its deservingly due....I wish I had Soup Nazi power......NO HALO FOR YOU!.........The interesting thing about the folks with bad attitudes is, we will see almost all of you in the lobbies. Make you checks payable to Microsoft Xbox Live....biatche$!

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