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Homefront Xbox 360 bundle on the way

THQ and Microsoft have partnered up to release a limited edition Xbox 360 Homefront bundle, GamerZines can reveal. (Homefront, Xbox 360)

dukegodtezza  +   1662d ago
cool looks good
Cherchez La Ghost  +   1662d ago
This game might just be a hit this year.
lochdoun  +   1662d ago
lol I love how the article says Xbox is getting a timed exclsuive... it's NOT timed, that exclusive map will never be on PS3.
CranberryPub  +   1662d ago
That map is exclusive, yes, but future DLC will all be timed-exclusive.
drexl  +   1661d ago
More damage control from an Xbot I see. All you guys can claim these days is timed exclusives for multiplat games.
SwampCroc  +   1659d ago
question does the console versions of Homefront have 32 Player MP or is it limited like the new upcoming BF3?
Chaoshead  +   1662d ago
i like the boxart
Kran  +   1662d ago
Nice ;)
BenEViolent  +   1662d ago
Raven_Nomad  +   1662d ago
This is actually pretty cool. I am getting more and more excited about this game lately. This is very unexpected and I believe a nice move by MS to do this.

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