Homefront Xbox 360 bundle on the way

THQ and Microsoft have partnered up to release a limited edition Xbox 360 Homefront bundle, GamerZines can reveal.

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Cherchez La Ghost2683d ago

This game might just be a hit this year.

lochdoun2683d ago

lol I love how the article says Xbox is getting a timed exclsuive... it's NOT timed, that exclusive map will never be on PS3.

CranberryPub2683d ago

That map is exclusive, yes, but future DLC will all be timed-exclusive.

drexl2682d ago

More damage control from an Xbot I see. All you guys can claim these days is timed exclusives for multiplat games.

SwampCroc2680d ago

question does the console versions of Homefront have 32 Player MP or is it limited like the new upcoming BF3?

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