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Every once in a while, there comes a game that completely redefines a genre, presenting gamers with a new and fresh experience. Dead Space was one such game, challenging players to be man enough to fight their way through a horrific experience where ammo was scarce and monsters were abundant. But does the sequel measure up, or is it just another quick cash-in? Read on to find out… If you dare!

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WobblyOnion2739d ago

Loved this game; even if it wasn't nearly as scary as the original.

RedDead2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Probably because they're almost the same game... Shock scares get old quickly imo

Edit----First game lost it's effect on me quite quick.

WobblyOnion2739d ago

honestly? I think the scares in the first were mostly a result of audio design. the only really creepy bit in this game was the *************SPOiLERS********* ******
return to the Ishimiura
*************SPOiLERS******** *******
which used similar audio to the first.

ianfelmore2739d ago

I agree, the sound design was awesome! But I was kind of attracted to the way the 'jump out of my skin' moments were spread out more.

Squall50052739d ago

If you're gonna comment, at least approve it as well.

Ace_19752739d ago

RE6 will reinvent survival horror.

Sean Ryno2739d ago

lol. And you know this how? Dead Space has more or less reinvented survival horror. My response to the next RE is this. . . We'll see.

kelvinmanley2738d ago

will admit. was lank skeptical bout the sequel but they've totally pulled it off. pretty funny but it's very similar how they mimicked the resident evil template ie infested house > infested town. deadspace2 essentially feels like infested space ship > infested space city. and it's definitely a WIN