GameDaily BIZ: Over 1.5 Million Pre-orders of Halo 3 Prior to Launch

Halo 3 is now officially the fastest pre-selling videogame of all time, Microsoft announced today. Over 1.5 million people have already pre-ordered Bungie's masterpiece. Now, GameDaily waits for the 24 hour sales tally to see just how big this launch really is...

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MaximusPrime4038d ago

it will be interesting to see how many rejected Halo 3 games sell on ebay.

Evil0Angel4038d ago

Halo 3 is now officially the fastest pre-selling videogame of all time
no suprise here

MaximusPrime4038d ago

i just checked on ebay:

2210 rejected Xbox 360,
895 rejected PS3

tut tut

Evil0Angel4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

you were talkin about halo3 in ur first post , so this is the figures from e bay

REJECTED PS3 = 733 systems
REJECTED HALO 3= 51 items(software+poster ect ect

tut tut

MaximusPrime4038d ago

halo 3 is a game, PS3 is a console. i compared how console fared.

When Killzone 2 comes out, i will then compare. more likely Halo 3 will top the reject list since it will be "out of date" then.

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Shaka2K64038d ago

Only blind tools buy into this hype, im sure this is not true. is obvioulsy being paid by microsoft to spread the good news about this, just like they pay them to spread bias againts Sony.

Kuest4038d ago

Now where is JOY when you need him.

kooplar4038d ago

HALO ROCKS!!! ( comment sponsored by microsoft )

Snukadaman4038d ago

I wonder what you 2 will be playing tonight....

SofaKingReetodded4038d ago

Our own official xbots have been harping the 4 million preoders and recently stepped it up to 5. That site is obviously wrong.

PS360PCROCKS4038d ago

your name suits you Soooo well! You moron this is NA pre-orders, it's between 4-5 million WORLDWIDE.