Final Fantasy 1 & 2 on the way to the PSN - should anyone care?

Final Fantasy 1 and 2 are finally coming to the PlayStation Network in English. Given they’ve been on every other platform known to mankind in recent years, we’re surprised it’s taken so long this time around, but is it worth dipping into the virtual wallet to buy yet another copy of either classic?

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RedDead2474d ago

Never played either, mostly because i've heard the first great FF is FF4. I've played FF4 and it is great. If I wanted these though I would getan Emulator, I don't want to give S-E more money, especially for a port from the nes. And the fact that the original devs won't get the money for it....will they?

imoutofthecontest2474d ago

Not commenting on the article but addressing your questions here:
Re: "i've heard the first great FF is FF4"
FF4 is great. To me, the first great FF is FF1. :)

Re: "If I wanted these though I would getan Emulator, I don't want to give S-E more money, especially for a port from the nes."
Fine by me, but note for your own info that there are minor enhancements to the PSP port, mostly in the visuals. If you do emulate, I recommend the GBA version. The original NES one will frustrate the hell out of you. ^^;

Re: "And the fact that the original devs won't get the money for it....will they? "
Depends on the contracts they have. If Sakaguchi is set to get a dime every time a remake or port of one of his creations is published and/or sold, then yes, he would, even though he doesn't work for Square anymore. But I suppose there are very few people who know that kind of stuff.

Ducky2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

I dunno... whichever one had Kefka in it was the first great FF to me.

Hmm, has Secret of Mana made its way through as well?

RedDead2474d ago


For me FF6 is the best FF so...

FF4 was the second best until Ps1 FF's came out

Sarcasm2474d ago

I agree, FFVI is the best FF ever. It's a shame that SE keeps making all these remakes but totally forgetting VI.

Screw a VII re-make, do a VI remake!

christheredhead2474d ago

if you havent played 1 and 2 this is a must buy. the games are classics. id buy them if i didnt already own dawn of souls on the gba.

Trroy2474d ago

I care. 2 of the greatest RPGs of all time?

maverick402474d ago

you are a final fantasy fanboy!Grandia and Crono trigger are.

Trroy2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

I don't see how liking FF1 & 2 makes Grandia and Chrono Trigger any less great?

TBH, of those 4, Grandia is my fav, but that doesn't stop the others from being awesome.

ChronoJoe2474d ago

I like these ones cause you can pick class and stuff :) pretty fun.

Kinda like how in X-2 you could pick a dress sphere to define class, but less lame. Either way imo the first 4? ff games had the best battle mechanics. :P

JD_Shadow2474d ago

You mean the job system. That first got its major induction in FF5, which, while not the best FF out there, is clearly underrated because of how much customization you can get out of the characters. You had it again in a way in FF8 where you could junction your magic depending on what you wanted a specific character to be and/or do. Of course, FF11 we all know about.

FFX-2, as you said, had it, too. But I have to disagree with you that it was lame. It had some cool cinematics when you switched up (which, by the way, you could do on the fly within the battle, which gave you some interesting battle strategies to try out, especially if you know a specific secret about the system that you probably already know about) and it had some interesting jobs like the shooter. Customization was still a focal point of the series. I think the feelings people have about X2's system stem more from how mixed the reaction to the game itself actually was more than it being an actual feeling about it (not saying that your opinion isn't genuine).

ChronoJoe2473d ago

I meant the game overall was kinda lame :) I didn't like the entire female team, and focus on earning new dresses to wear etc lol my sister enjoyed it though.

I think an outfit system like that within a regular FF game would be good though

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