Starcraft: Ghost 5th Anniversary - Rebirth on PC or Next-Gen Consoles?

Starcraft: Ghost recently reached its 5th Anniversary since its official announcement at the Tokyo Game Show 2002. It was indefinitely postponed on 2005 due to the arrival of PS3 and Xbox 360, making the game not viable. With resources of personnel focused on World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2, Starcraft: Ghost was left behind in the backburner. However, recent interviews with Rob Pardo and Mike Morhaime seem to indicate the rebirth of Starcraft: Ghost is imminent. A matter of when. Blizzard President commented there are no plans to return to console production.

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iNcRiMiNaTi3981d ago

but then like they said, it got canned...maybe if they remake it with more things and not just a simple graphical update, i might be interested in it again

iceice1233981d ago

We won't hear anything else about it until 2010. Then it will ship in 2015.

BlackIceJoe3981d ago

Well I for one think it would be cool to see Starcraft: Ghost come out some day on the consoles and PC. But if Blizzard ever does decide to make this game again it will not be seen for some time. Because as of right now Starcraft 2 is in the works and Project Hydra. Plus if I am not mistaken there might be one more.

Kuest3981d ago

Console RTSs are good, but Starcraft is just one game I can't imagine controlling with an analog stick and 2-3 buttons.

Skerj3981d ago

It wasn't an RTS, it was a 3rd person action adventure game with some macro RTS-esque elements.

Kuest3981d ago

there starting a whole new concept? Man, when will that come out (especially when there busy making Starc2)?

Bonsai12143981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

at one point, i actually thought about reserving this game... haha

Kuest, guess you weren't affluent with the gaming community back in '02.. haha it really was that long ago. it was supposed to be a syphlon filter-esque experience set in the starcraft universe. it was appealing to many people, including myself, because you got to fight against the zerg and 'toss

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