Chibi Import Reviews: The Last Story

Hironobu Sakaguchi's first major RPG title directed fully by himself in years. But the question is, can he pull of the magic he once did with final fantasy?

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Exquisik2659d ago

Same! I wish they'd announce the release date for US already!

darthdevidem012659d ago


Chibi is actually the most upcoming best import reviewer. His opinions are always well justified and thought out!

Another great review for the Import reviewer of this decade, chibi!

j-blaze2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

impressive score, but that was one flat and awfully written review...

umm guess he was trying so hard to be funny or something ?

anasurimbor2659d ago

I guess a review in English is better than none... but this was very poorly written, and hard to take seriously.