PS3 Rumble Is Next Gen

Shane from describes PS3's new rumble (DS3) and tells why it truly is "next gen" rumble.

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xaphanze3772d ago

some say its like the ps2 rumble some say its next gen. Which one is it?

masterg3772d ago

It sounds like it uses the same hardware.
But it's not the same rumble.

MrSwede3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

@xaphanze: That´s what I heard too...confusing. Well, I´ll be getting two of those either way. I can imagine my GF saying "when will you need 4 controllers?" and I´ll say "but,but these new ones have Rumble" :)...

Violater3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

If you don't program your game to use it any differently then how will it be different???
Shane is commenting on its use in MGS4 which we all know the series had some of the best rumble implementation.

SWORDF1SH3772d ago

... rumble is last gen so they bring out next gen rumble. i think i see article about this in psm3 a couple of months ago so i kinda expected this.

Blabbermouth3772d ago

to me that it might very between exclusive's and multi platforms. So maybe thats a reason why some feel like old school rumble while others don't?

Sevir043772d ago

Immersion said the new rumble that they wanted to incorporate in Sony's rumbless sixaxis was Touchsense. a new solution that ties both sony's style of motion sensing and and better level of force feedback than previous techs. I remember Immersion saying that this new kind of rumble would allow you to feel softer and more subtle varitions when Driving over grass verses driving on dirt and asphalt. as an example. this further was made to truth when IGN gave there recent impressions of DMC4 at TGS07 on the DS3... and I quote

"The largest adjustment, of course, was the inclusion of rumble for the demo. As one of the primary titles featuring rumble on the game floor for the PS3, it was nice to see the game showcase a variety of vibrations depending on the strike that you landed or the objects broken. It was also good to feel an extra kick when you were firing your guns, which was sorely missed in earlier versions of the game"...

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pilotpistolpete3772d ago

it would be cool if it would be in all directions too.

ArmrdChaos3772d ago

Rumble is is either there or it is not. Just another attempt to somehow say something is better than the other for the fanboy's sake. I'm sure rumble 5.1 is just around the corner...geeez.

Synex3772d ago

Think outside of the box bud.

Taker_1293772d ago

is that alittle green monster i see.

Capt CHAOS3771d ago

That's funny.. Wow, atleast it's finally coming out though!!

GMR_PR3772d ago

Shane of all the people working in 1up is the most Bias... The guy is a joke.

masterg3772d ago

If you had seen the show you would know that they all think it. Not just him.

GMR_PR3772d ago

You're right i haven't watch the show but, It doesn't erase the fact that he is a [email protected] joke.

JOLLY13772d ago

He is also very knowledgable about video games in general. I think it's funn that he is like the sdf (sony defense force) leader, but he does know his stuff. Yes, I believe he is bias towards sony, but oh well. He has an opinion. Give him a break.

achira3772d ago

yea, biased torward sony is soooo wrong, but biased torward ms is ok. you are the fanboy here! one of the worst.

u got owned3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Achira its not a matter of Sony or MS. The thing is that when you are suppose to be a professional, like Shane its suppose to be, you cant let your preferences get in the way and Shane is such a fanboy that he cant hide it. I think he's a super joke and he give bad reputation to those who really do a god job in this industry.

JOLLY13772d ago

Did you read my post? Yes, I do like the 360. No,I don't like the ps3, but I do say positive stuff about the ps3 and if you didn't notice I said something positive about the very vocal sony lover Shane. He is very knowledgeable about video games and I would listen to his advice. Achira, you should take a look in the mirror kid.

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