Rumor Control: Sky News did not say a 40GB PS3 is coming

A few websites are reporting that Sky News are confirming that a 40GB PS3 is definitely on the way. However this is a false belief in itself. At the Official Sky News website parts of their technology field has syndicated content provided by other websites and in this particular case, the website which provided the news to Sky News was just re-reporting the news announced earlier by Cens (here). While the possibility of a 40GB coming out soon does seem likely, this isn't the total confirmation that we all are looking for.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4100d ago (Edited 4100d ago )

More like confirmation control.

"While the possibility of a 40GB coming out soon does seem likely, this isn't the total confirmation that we all are looking for."

MikeGdaGod4100d ago

not that the 40GB PS3 isn't coming

Snukadaman4100d ago

confirmation is verification of the facts....and at this point theres no confirmation of this...

BIadestarX4100d ago

Then who started this rummor? ohh wait... don't answer that... we all know.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4100d ago

Well from what you have seen recently Bladestar, its fairly obvious that there is going to be a 40gb PS3, especially when some production companies are making them. It was in other news.

Lumbo4100d ago

Now that question is answered quite easily:

That is the source of the whole rumor that managed to get turned and spun by several places so it seemed like several sources reported it. But actually only this single source is all that is existing.

Snukadaman4100d ago

if people were so hyped at 400$ ps3 you can get a 20 gig ps3 for 450$...and you also get the 5 movies in they are not used. whats the difference with 20 gigs, no EE, no wi-fi. no 300$ is the sweet spot.

Meus Renaissance4100d ago (Edited 4100d ago )

The 20GB is not a standard price but currently a special retail price. That model has stopped production so its not a viable argument to dismiss this rumour of an upcoming model simply because the 20GB, which was set at $500, did not sell considering the features it lacked.

If we assume that Sony will announce a new SKU then we should also assume that, with a new price of $399, that Sony will not strip it as much as they did the previous 20GB model.

Proxy4100d ago

I would consider a 400 dolar version especially if it had Wi-Fi. I'll just pop my own HDD in if I want a larger HDD. Also, the software based PS2 emulation will equal if not outperform the EE, and as has been discussed, the EE may be disabled one day.

One the other hand, I doubt the difference between $600 and $400 is more than just 40 gigs. Wonder how much that EE costs?

BulletToothtony4100d ago

the reason why i didn't get a 20gb, is that it didn't have wifi and i wanted the extra space.. i think sony learned that already.. most people that bought the 60gig is cause of wifi, more space and the card slots, which have been helpful but not really needed

i don't believe that sony will make one without wifi.. but i do think i might loose the card slots.. and the EE software it's already at a 80% compatibility so i don't see a reason why it would not sell well.. if sales double at $100 price drop they will double again bringing them around 250 thousand a month for the holidays..

but of course as of now it's all opinions, but to think that it won't sell it's pretty dumb

DEADEND4100d ago

Look the reason why no one cared for the 20Gb PS3 is because 20 Gb is too much for $500 even $450, second 20Gb isn't enough space for the PS3 when you think about all the stuff your going to put on your HDD and things you want to do(just look at the 360 I have one and I can tell you 20Gb isn't enough that's why I wished I never bought it and wanted for the 120Gb version).

And yes $400 is the sweet spot for the console because look how people went crazy for a $500 price tag when the price cut went into effect, there's a ton of people I know(at least 30 people)that are just waiting for a $400 PS3. The 40Gb is not a gimped system, now 20Gb 360 that's a gimped system no wifi, no HD-DVD player, and only 20Gb HDD. The 40Gb PS3 is a better deal and it will have wifi maybe it won't have a card reader but most people don't even use it.